Clearview Vineyard Warwick new York

Warwick Winery New York

Vineyard has a vineyard, a winery and a new wine tasting. Vineyard and Winery, Warwick, New York. The new winery and wine tasting is open. His name is Clearview Vineyard. The Number One Vineyard in New York.

Vineyard Clearview - 52 Photos & 56 Ratings - Vineyards - 35 Clearview Ln, Warwick, NY, United States - Telephone number

Now I can have the ideal place near Warwick, NY! Me and my boyfriend came in on a busy Saturday. Standing around the area for 15 min. we waited for a taste without confirmation. Eventually, my boyfriend stopped someone and asked for a cabernet.

Your ale was awful. Poor quality wines + poor quality services = to keep away. Really liked this vineyard. They can also take their wines outside and go for a stroll to their vineyard to look at them. Each of us selected the redwine degustation, which I think 4 redwines and a $7 whites. The redwines all tastes quite similar, but there is nothing to it.

So we ordered the cheeseboard, which was a great success. but it was so fucking hottie we just had to go. Came to Warwick to pick apples and chose to try this vineyard. Some of the vines are made from the vineyard's own grape (many of the vines are made from Long Island grapes).

We were able to hike through the vineyard after the winetasting, which led to a fantastic panorama (about 15 miles...hence the name "Clearview"). All in all a great adventure! A very good bottle of cider. Great sound and a great backdrop. It'?s a very good one. Eight dollars of sampling and you keep the jar. You will also be selling draught and tinned beers if you have a non-wine drunk in the group.

Warwick Vineyard on the week-end trek. This is the newest Warwick vineyard, I believe. I' ve been here a few years ago during the "Around the World" winemaking ceremony that took place on the Shawangunk Vineyard of the Hudson Valley. We started with Clearview and got our passes there.

With the exception of sangria, all her vines are dried, so if you're looking for something sweeter, it might not be your liquor. If you are looking for perfect and excellent quality then this is the place to be. Her Cab Sauv and the Noiret are first-rate and give some of the top quality horses in her category a run for their bucks.

A small vineyard, but with a great flavour. It is a great place to sample both the vineyard (grapes from our own vineyard) and the other NYS varieties. You can take a walk through the vineyard under the wine cellar and convince yourself of the cleanness and diligence they put into the wine induction.

Go for a brief walk up to the top of the vineyard for a great panoramic walk. Take home a few flasks that will make you think of great days and good vines. The best in Warwick, no doubt! It is astonishing how accessible the vine is, considering that the vines are equal to the vines of Napa and Sonoma.

He came and joined us while doing our tastings. I like Noiret and Cab Franc the most. Merciful landlord, I' m a real show band. Cry on the road - I didn't notice anything. Select the winetasting with the supplied wineglass as a gift. He was kind enough to give a group of us a personal guided visit of the area.

I was fascinated to see that the filling is done by hand, a great sight of the hills from the top of the vineyard. Beautiful winery, vineyard selection and information about Clearview Vineyard. From the top of the vineyard, the panoramic route can cover 14 kilometres and is an adventure in itself.

Winetasting was funny and instructive. The last of the tastings was a Noiret and one of the favourites of Franks, one of the Clearview owners. We' ve had a winetasting here for only $6 and you have to keep the jar. It is an extraordinary wineyard and the views from the top of the vineyard were magnificent (see photos).

One thing I wasn't too happy with was the cheeseboard. First of all, the wine here is great. We asked about the other wine that were not on their wine lists, and they let us try them! In the end we tried 3-4 more wine without surcharge! ClearedVineyard is serving a great cheeseboard ($12).

A stumble over this vineyard (after another and larger one did not seem inviting). We' re sitting on the terrace, listening to soundtrack. There was no crowding of free car park and wine room. $7 to taste and you can keep the snifter. The majority of the wine was quite good.

$12 cheeseboard is great to sit between two persons and savour a drink of a good cup of toast. When we were there, they had real life soundtrack. Which was beautiful. All in all, this vineyard is definitely a place of interest when you are in the area. From the vineyard we took a glas of ginger and went up the hillside through the vineyard, sitting on the swings and enjoying the views.

Taste this place' came here on a Saturday for tastings. In the end, they meet the vineyard owner's host families and are kind, beautiful and well-informed. It was great vine, the cheeseboard was good and the sound was great. Outstanding reds. Clearing Vineyard was the last stop on our trip back to New York after a marriage.

It was not really much we expected, as the former vines were just fine and you don't normally think of a small New York winegrower as being associated with awesome red wines. On the veranda we went to play real life tunes and were immediately welcomed by the amusing co-workers (Tyler, Sharon and Frank, the owners (I apologize to Sharon if she doesn't spell her name so well)), who gave free tastes to the one who made the best twin.

He really knew his things and guided us through every kind of bottle of wine, offering both wisdom and pleasure in every morsel. Frank guided us through the winery after our tastings and even let us take a foretaste of a new, still ripening Merlot.

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