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Conecticut Free classifieds online to sell your items. In order to search all rental offers, please visit: Search our classifieds, wanted ads and items for sale in Connecticut. YANKEE FLYER ONLY ACCEPTS ONLINE SMALL ADS BY CREDIT CARD.

- Members can send their general classifieds for this webspace to David Mucciacciaro.

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Post a classifieds, upload your pictures and organize your classifieds. Secure, accessible classifieds that reach all of Connecticut - and beyond with the clout of the web and classed AdNet affiliate sites. Sign in to ClassifiedAdNet to place your ad on line. Swarovski Touchstone Crystal - Style You Can Council On Touchstone Crystal Jewellery is made with Swarovski crystals and zirconia only.

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Many thanks for browsing our free classifieds site in Connecticut. Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen is an on-line ad site for properties, cars, business opportunities, pet advertisements, etc. Take advantage of our free on-line small ad placing system to place your free advertisements today! This website is frequented by literally a hundred of Connecticut shoppers and vendors.

We' ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our buyers and vendors have a place where they can find the best offers and products on the Internet. Salespeople find a straightforward procedure, with the option to post pictures with their offers. Our Connecticut free classifieds site for booking limitless adverts that remain for 30 acres.

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waterford public schools final notation for 2010-2011 shool year 2010-2011 scholar record all materials for pupils who completed the waterford public schools in the 2010-2011 academic year will be broken in the first weeks of August 2018. All former Waterford Public school students who do not wish their teacher s/confidential documents to be deleted must call the Director of Waterford Public Schools at 860-444-5802 by 31 July 2018.

WATERFORD CITY PAYER waterford city payer The following charges are due on July 1, 2018: Car Excise & Personal Wealth Excise UNDER $100 IN FULL The first instalment of property excise ON $100 TAXS ARE FROM 1 JULY â?" 1 AUGUST WITHOUT INTEREST The 27.

Forty-two million on the U.S. dollars on the 10/01/17 Grand List debt collection system (unpaid after August 1) interest of 1. 5% per annum from July 1 will not be charged on an invoice will not void the taxpayer's duty. The consultation times are 8:00 clock - 16:00 clock Mo - Fr and 9:00 clock - 12:00 clock on Saturday 28 July.

The taxpayers of the Consolidated Town and City of New London are hereby informed that I have received an arrest order for the collection of a $43.17 million real estate, property and motor vehicle taxes and an extra $1.

The motor vehicle excise duty is due on 1 July 2018 and all invoices for real estate and personal property can be fully settled on this date. 1 July 2018 and 1 January 2019. On the last date on which the invoice is settled without a fine is August 1, 2018. In case you do not get your invoice within the first weeks of July, please call the local revenue department at 447-5208.

CCMC Tax Collector/Collector of Revenue Consolidated Town et City of New London, Ct. City of Old Lyme (Sound View Beach Association and Miscellaneous Town Area B) Projekttitel : City of Old Lyme (Sound View Beach and Miscellaneous Town Area B) Community in which the proposal is made: Ancient Lyme addresses of Lyme projects:

Soundview Beach Association und Miscellaneous Town Area B (MTA-B) entlang der Route 156 à Old Lyme. Old Lyme (Old Lyme) commissioned an independant consulting engineer to conduct a thorough assessment of alternative water treatment options for the Sound View Beach Association and Miscellaneous Town Area B (MTA-B).

Old Lymes and three hired beachside municipalities, among them the Miami Bache  Association (MBA), Old Colony  Beach Club Association (OCBCA) and Old Lyme Shore  Beach Association (OLSBA), have voiced a wish to establish a co-ordinated approach to the waste water treatment needs that Old Lymes has determined in this area. The pumping stations are used by the city of Old Lyme and rented beaches.

At the joint pumping stations, the waste water from Soun View, MTA-B and charters of sea gangs is pumped via a mains through the cities of East Lyme and Waterford to the New London Water Pollution Control Facility for cleaning. This will allow the city to better understand the ground water environment and waste water requirements in this municipality.

The supplementary surveillance programme is expected to be put in place within two years from 2018. These CEPA processes began with the publication of a scoping notice on the Council on Environmental Quality website for the Beach Associations and Town Sub-Areas on 22 July 2014.

Department/Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Bureau of Water Protection & Land Reuse 2nd Floor 79 Elm Street, Hartford CT 06106 Or- Town Clerk's Office Old Lyme Town Hall 52 Lyme Street Old Lyme, CT 06371 or www.ct. gov/ceq (Environmental Monitor, June 19, 2018 edition) Comment on this EIE is acceptable until such time: Please note that we do not accept any comment on this EIE until closing-dow: We do not accept:

3 August 2018 Anyone may ask the sponsorship agent to conduct a public consultation on this EIE by submitting such a proposal to the following adress. Applications must be submitted by Friday 29 June 2018. Hartford CT 06106, 79 Elm Street Phone: 860-424-3756 Fax: 860-424-4067 E-mail: carlos.esguerra@ct. gov NOTES:

CHARACTERIZED TO characterized to the extent that the EXTRA SPACE STORAGE OF THE EXTRA SPACE STORAGE SHOPPING will conduct a PRESENTAL AUTION in order to place the following described individual properties of the persons mentioned below for resale at the indicated location: 215 Gold Star Highway, Groton, CT 06340, July 13, 2018 @ 3: 30PM Murrell, Carrie 624 Housewares; Ebony Haney 176 Housewares; Michael Fetters 121 Workbench, Tooling, Cupboards; Rich Resende 587 Housewares; Janice Hannaford 250 Ceramic, Bicycles, Handicrafts, Clothes, Beach Stools, Sunshades, Bookcases, Crockery, Pots and Pan; William Farkas 275 Bedding, Matresses, Commodes, Cases; Sherry Barger

A Tyrenia Éasterling 63 Home and furnishings; Rodger Hundall 135 utensils; Tyler Walworth 492 Home, beds, furnishings, tools, clothing; Carlos Pesante 106 section lounger, medical beds; Lisa Donnel 583 mattresses and desks The purchase must be made in the above mentioned institution in order to close the Deal.

U.S. DISTRICT COURT v. DISTRICT OF CONNECTICUT M/V "CLASSY LADY" CLIVIL ACTION No. 3:15-cv-01581 (avc) Serial number: 1151280 Reference to VESSEL AUCTION sales their motors, etc. NOTE that according to the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut Order of June 4, 2018, the United States Marshal for the District of Connecticut sells the M/S "CLASSY LADY", a 2004 35' Carolina Craft motorboat, Official Number: 1151280, its motors, etc..

to the highest tenderer at an auction at Port Niantic, Inc. 17 Smith Avenue, Niantic, CT on July 11, 2018 at 10:30 a.m., survey or survey of the ship can take place on July 1, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Contact Scott Bowden at Port Niantic, 17 Smith Avenue, Niantic, CT 06357, Tel: 860-739-2155.

This announces that United Bank, 151 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT 06103, has requested Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to acquire and take over certain of the six branch offices currently held by Webster Bank, N.A., Waterbury, CT 06702.

01089 ; 62 Center Square (AKA 20 North Main Street), East Longmeadow, MA 01028 ; 1355 Boston Road, Springfield, MA 01119 ; 654 Long Hill Road, Groton, CT 06340 ; 124B Boston Post Road, Waterford, CT 06385 ; et 50 Franklin Street, Westerly, RI 02891. 01089 ; am 62 Center Square (AKA 20 North Main Street), East Longmeadow, MA 01028 ; und 459 Main Street, Indian Orchard, MA 01151.

Anyone who wishes to submit their observations on this request may write to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at the FDIC Braintree Hill Officer's offices, 15 Braintree Hill Officepark, Braintree, MA 02184, no later than July 30, 2018. PUBLIC NOTE #389 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD New London, CT 06320 A NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD New London, CT 06320 A POLIT APPPLICATION TO DEMOLISH STRUCTURE AT ABOVE REFERENCED ADDRESS WAS FILED AT THIS OFFICE JUNE 25, 2018.

36360 Imprint Regional School District No. 18 accepts bid for the opening of the Café at 53 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT 06371. Bidding will be made on or before Tuesday, July 24, 2018, no later than 13:00 hrs ET at the office at 49 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT.

branford huge multi family store saturday 23 and 24 june. Antiques, collectibles, tools, barbecue & much more! 317 Main Street Norwich, CT 06360 E.O.E. CLINTON NEIGHBORHOOD DAY SALE: Sat, June 30 rainy date: Sunne, 1. Juli 9.00-2.00 Uhr, Maplewood Dr. Little Bit of Everything and Something for All !!!!!!!

SALE SAT DEEP RIVER EPIC MULTI FAMILY SALE, 30 June. Load of Kids stories, Baby to Toddler clothes, HH items, collectibles, leather chairs, tools, vintage items & toys, movie posters, comic art & much more! LAUCH RIVER Sat 23 June. Ancient furniture, primitives, HH & Vintage goods, works of art, tools, antique Christmas, bed linen, lighting, garden & many old things.

Roeton - Sat 6/30 9-1, furnitures, home appliances, kink etc. 196 Mitchell St. GROTON GARAGE/YARD SCALE Fri & Sat. 29 and 30 June. HH, garden, furnitures, fans & much more! routon mayard sa, June 30. Hitchcock Chairs, HH, Marine, 1990 Alante Cadillacs, GROTON Youngale Sat, June 30.

SUBSTUFF: 5 families, tools, sports, boating, outdoor, baby, children, adults, clothing, HH, toys, furniture & more! The GUILFORD MULTI FIAMILY DAY SALE Saturday, June 30 21-14 167 Old Sachems Head Rd Housewares, DVD, Book, Puzzle Something for every taste! HighGanum - Real estate sale. and collectors' pieces, from jewellery to the primitive. SALE 932 Shewville Rd Sat & Sun June 30 & July 1.

Big & small instruments, furniture, clothes, shoes, HH & More! LOSST MITS WHEDDING losst mits whedding ring at ocean beach, Thursday, June 21. Giant multi-family. Utensils, furniture, HH, glass, DVD's, CD's, literature, clothes, toy, camp equipment, VW's, free 24' hanger-frames. MAGNISON MONOGRAPHY magnison monography MADISON SALE Sat, 23 June. Han Hand-Held Articles, Winter Clothes, Winter Apparel, Tooling, More.

day of madison selling saturday, june 23. SELL MADSION YARD! Satellite & Sun 8:00-3PM, 20 Johnson Lane (Off Mungertown Rd.) 08HP Snow Blower, New La-Z-Boy Chaisel. Clothing & Tools. The Mystic - Yard Sales - 6/30 8:00-12:00, 30 Somersett Drive, Mystic: Furniture, quilt, snowboard, deacons bench, terrace sunshade, others. mmystic multi family/estate store s & s, june 30 & july 1.

Mysteric Harveyale Sat, June 30. Hard-HHearth articles, tools, clothes & more! Mysteric Harveyale Sat, June 30. saturday and sunday, 9-15 o'clock. Channing St. HH, furniture, books, handicrafts, frames & much more! Laurel Hill Dr. Collectors Clearance & Two Family Day Selling.

Antique, Vintage, Modern, Furniture, Decoration, Glass & Ceramics, Collectables, Jewellery, Housewares, Tools and Clothing. NIANTIC: Flea Market, SAT & SUN, 9-16 h, Thomas Lee House Grounds, West Main Street. SALE SAT & Su, 9-16 o'clock. FOLLOWS FUTURES follows futures, Noank Village Charges of Furniture, Arts, China, Collectables, Generator, Microwave & much more!

SUNDAY July 1. Saturday, June 30 & Sunday, July 1. Angling equipment, tools, antiques, marine, furniture, scout gear, princess house, pampering chef, sporting goods & more! Some can begin work in July, others begin the new year.

Lord Pt. Multi Family. stonington: in home buying sale, sat, 9-3pm 12 wheeler round. Full BR set, utensils, many different articles, snow blower, power pack, tool, power pack and many more utensils! uncasville-motion sale, Fri & Sat, 9-3pm, 18 Old Fitch Hill Rd. The WATERFORD MULTI FAMILY SALE Fr & Sa, 29 and 30 June.

Antiques, tools, furniture, HH items & much more! The WATERFORD MULTI FAMILY SALE Sa, 30 June. Wednesday, Saturday, June 30th. YARD SALE Sa, 30 June. Nineteen Johnson Court Furniture, Bicycles, Toys, HH, Good Clothing & More! Made-to-measure 14 Oak Ridge Dr. furniture, glassware, tools, toys & much more!

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