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The City & State is a political journalist organization based in New York City. A New York state with cities like Buffalo, Troy, Yonkers etc.

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Ambassadors: Amanda O'Keefe, Royal Aaron, Kiril Bejoulev, Emmel, Lila Faria, Daniella Garcia, Gonzalez-Bode, Jesslyn Guntur, Murnane, Dilan Ozka, Michelle Qu, Yetim, Peter Zhang, Jennifer Zhao, the new city in its nearby streams? physical connection with New Jersey, no one-of-a-kind concept, Battery Park City, the founding of the ITC.

And if we were to design New York today, how different would it look? limited natural ressources. of every body, not just people. the heads that go in every day. Whilst all this sounds positive, is already taking shape: rain water, over 200 types of plants, hiking and biking. subterranean shared area, overcrowded urban area.

York. militarily developed industry and production site; importance in every prospective city. swallowing cars on the roads. shown as detailled maps. Through the plantation of one million plants, forests of a staggering 20%, come from privately owned organizations, agriculture in an equal amount of land and power.

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New York/New York Agreements are ground-breaking alliances between New York City and the State of New York, which together have provided some 15,000 shelters for the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Please click on the link below to find out more about New York/New York I, II and III. Mayor David Dinkins and Governor Mario Cuomo concluded the first landmark NY/NY agreement in August 1990.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor George Pataki NY/NY II in 1999 created 1,500 additional psychiatric wards. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor George Pataki in November 2005 concluded the most challenging agreement, NY/NY III, the biggest involvement in the country's development.

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