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Receive directions, reviews and information about City College Of New York in New York, NY. To find restaurants, activities and nightlife near the City College of New York, use the column on the right. How to find us | The City College of New York

Use the IRT #1 locally to the 137th Street and Broadway. Take 136th Street three blocks to Convent Avenue. On the IND "A" or "D" Expressway, or the "B" or "C" Locals to 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, go one way westwards to 145th Street and Convent Avenue, then southwards to 136th Street.

Use IRT #4 or #5 or #6 Locals to get to 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. From there, take the M-100 or M-101 to Amsterdam Avenue and then take a train to 136th Street. Go one bloc due west to Convent Avenue. You take the Metro North to125th and Park Avenue. From there, take the M-100 or M-101 to Amsterdam Avenue and take a stop on 136th Street, go eastwards to Convent Avenue.

You take the M-4 or M-5 to Broadway and 136th Street. Take 136th Street three blocks to Convent Avenue. On the M-100 or M-101 to Amsterdam Avenue and 136th Street, go one stop eastwards to Convent Avenue. From M-101 to 135th and Amsterdam Avenue, go northbound towards 1338th Street, then go eastwards one bloc to Convent Avenue.

From BX-19 to 145th and Convent Avenue, go southbound on Convent Avenue to 137th Avenue. Take gateway 125th road. Go across Broadway and turn lefthand onto Amsterdam Avenue. It is located on 136th and Amsterdam Avenues. The East Side: Take junction 135. Drive to St. Nicholas Avenue and turn right, then turn lefthand onto 141st St.

Take a lefthand turn onto Convent Avenue. It starts on Convent Avenue and 140th Street.

City College of New York

City College's MAPS section aims to bring together undergraduates from all cultures and all pre-medical disciplines (pre-medical, veterinary, precision dentistry, pre-medical assistants, etc.) to address inequalities. Our charitable work and our commitment to the elimination of illness-related illnesses are intended to give ourselves and our fellow human beings a greater awareness of life.

The MAPS works at City College and nationwide in cooperation with the Student national medical associations (SNMA). The MAPS is the pre-health department of the SNMA and representing the SNMA student body. The MAPS sections are distributed to over 150 universities throughout the state. You are well embedded in the SNMA network and participate in local and international meetings.

The MAPS sections are self-governing and are governed by local and country regulations. The City College is organized by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine SNMA. Being the oldest and biggest undergraduate organisation in the country, the National Medical Association (SNMA) focuses on the needs and aspirations of undergraduates.

More than 8,000 medicine majors, undergraduates, assistant doctors and doctors are members. Founded in 1964 by Howard University and Meharry International College of Medicine, SNMA has been serving under-served community and health care undergraduates for over 40 years. Although it is not necessary for all MAPS members to become associated members of the SNMA, the advantages of becoming a member include:

Connection to the SNMA series and much more! The MAPS organises various training courses such as lectures with doctors and doctor's assistants, doctors and specialists in the field of general/healthcare. The MAPS also organises workshops on various topics related to illness-related disorders and organises a large annual healthcare exhibition to address these illness-related illness.

Several committed members also get funds to participate in the Student National Medical Association American Medical Education Conference each year. The 2010 event was hosted in Chicago, IL, and was attended by tens of thousands attending college or university.

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