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Acceptance of City College of New York

The City College of New York registration statistics. May I attend the City College of New York? City College of New York EC accept a set ceiling for new entrants and transferees per year. The number of participants depends on the number of participants in the first term course in the group. Once the student population has reached the winter term, no new candidates will be admitted in the winter term.

Therefore it is recommended to submit an application for the autumn term. Candidates for the UG programme who fulfil the eligibility criteria of the CCNY School of Technology will be graded according to their degree. Best people will be admitted first. Undergraduates will be admitted in second place up to the border of the CE Department (see above).

Candidates for the MS programme are admitted on the basis of the scope of preparation for the CCNY CE Graduates Programme. In this case, the student is required to attend certain classes at the university' s first term before being admitted to the programme unmodified.

More information on eligibility criteria and processes can be found on the GSOE eligibility page.

The City College of New York | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to enrol in a postgraduate programme? They must fill out an on-line job offer and submit the necessary documentation. Each student must present an accredited certificate from each college or college they have enrolled in immediately after admission. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) may also be necessary for foreigners.

Must I present formal certificates? Unofficial scripts can be added to the on-line applications to be used for assessment only. Copies not in British must be translated into German. Do not send any material that you have submitted unless expressly required to do so by the Admissions Office. The prerequisite for admittance is the receipt and verification of all formal certificates, sworn copies and/or certificates covering the candidate's whole post-secondary educational path before the closing date for applications.

The certificates must be in the cover, signed and signed by the Chancellor's Department. In case the offical report does not contain the date of the award of the Abitur, please also ask for an offical copy of the graduation or the preliminary report. Copies (and diplomas) that are not in English must be translated.

In the event of any fraud or discrepancy between informal and formal copies, the registration proposal will be immediately revoked. I' ve been studying abroad and it will be a long while before my certificates come from my former college. When I have my certificate, is it considered formal?

When your certificate is in the initial cover that has been seal and stamp ( or signed) by the registry bureau, then it is officially. Once you've opened the cover, it's no longer formal. Is my copy in another country or do I have to have it interpreted by the college?

It is the students' responsibility to have their scholarly documents interpreted into English by an authorized translator, their consular offices or the school. Notaries cannot produce legal documents. You can find a listing of government agencies in the New York City area at the Offices of Admissions. Enrolments should submit their applications in good time before the expiry of the time limit in order to guarantee a trouble-free notice and verification as well.

Foreign applicants are invited to start the recruitment procedure six month to one year before the closing date to allow their applications to be received and processed. City College scores: A paper-based test result of 500 or an Internet-based result of 61 is necessary for admittance.

More than one program requires a higher number of points. Please see the Admissions Office for university graduates for the number of points you need. TOEFL is not requested by locals from those who have English as the formal English langauge, or by those who have a high school diploma or Masters or at least two full years of non-technical studies from an institute in a state where English is the formal Englishanguage.

They are also exempted if you are a U.S. TOEFL residency or a U.S. TOEFL scoreboard must be sent directly by ETS (Educational Testing Service) to be officially recognized. Photocopies of TOEFL results are informal and will not be acceptable. City College Institutional Code is 2083. Do not enter a department code, as this delays the receipt of TOEFL scores at the Admissions Office.

However, if you have been awarded a diploma by a non-German educational establishment where English is the teaching tool, you must still pass the language proficiency test (TOEFL) and reach the necessary threshold number. I went to another college. Are those tickets credited towards my studies in the City? Undergraduates who have written their thesis at another university can earn up to twelve tranfer points (up to six at the engineering school) for the Master's programme if the programme was taken within a five-year prematriculation study at City College.

There are twelve points available for classes at one or more of the City University of New York Seniors Schools. Exact numbers of accreditation will be set by the responsible Research Training Group and the Dean's Department after the candidate has successfully passed at least 12 accreditation tests at the university.

Is it possible to register as a non-enrolled semester or course? When I start as a non-enrolled semester is enrolment automatically? Students may enrol at the College of Liberal Arts and Science, the School of Education and the Grove School of Engineering as a walk-in, non-enrolled students in the fall, spring or sommer, if the course allows.

Further information on non-matriculation can be found in the graduate bulletin. Non-enrolled applicants must file a non-degree-application together with evidence of a Bachelor's and $125 non-refundable registration fees. Non-registered applicants must continue to prove their knowledge of German. A number of programmes do not admit unregistered applications.

So who else can make referrals? I' m an intern.

On admission to the university, the "Application for an admission certificate (Form I-20)" is attached to the notification of admission. Once the registration forms have been filled in properly and the relevant receipts are considered acceptable, an I-20 will be obtained to apply for a students visas at your university.

Foreign nationals are not invited to enrol as non-enrolled foreign nationals as this may impact on their immigrant state. We do not issue programe visa for non-diploma applicants. Upon admission to college, you will receive residence permit. As the place of residence decides the fees, it is important that you know your classification. Be able to show that you have been in New York State for the last 12 month and can demonstrate your US citizenship or long-term residence if necessary, as only nationals, long-term and certain visa holder are entitled to education.

Applications for the Bona Fide Residency can be obtained from the Chancellor's office and the Admissions Office. Applications for new applicants must be submitted via the Admissions Office, further studies via the Office of the Student Secretariat. Graduates are admitted to the Academic Program, the Dean of the Department and the Admissions Office for Graduates.

Formal admittance of a candidate is only formal if these three authorities have approved it and an application form is officially sent by the Admittance Office. The Sallie Mae tuition pay offers a payment by instalments support program. For more information, call the treasurer's office at (212) 650-8700.

So when do I need to know about your work? You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your registration from the Admissions Board, which will inform you of any documents that may be lacking. As soon as your candidature is completed, it will be reviewed by the admissions committee responsible, the dean's department will finalise the admissions procedure and the Admissions Board will inform candidates of its decisions.

Notification will be given immediately after any decision is received by the Admission Board. Normal business hours: Opening times in summer: Collegiate of Liberal Arts and Science applicants: When your certificate is in the initial cover that has been seal and stamp ( or signed) by the registry bureau, then it is officially.

Once you've opened the cover, it's no longer formal.

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