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Newest tweets from City & State NY (@CityAndStateNY). C&St is a weekly magazine about politics & politics in the Empire State. Downtown and State NY, New York, New York. The City & State is New York's premier address for news about state and local government, politics, business and advocacy. New York, as the others pointed out, is the name of a state and a city.

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Rust, dirt and doves were quoted in the New York City clinics - and these are only the "good" ones.

Apart from serious differences of opinion - which are always within reach in Albany - the term of office will end on Wednesday.

Founded on a summary of the state courtspetition of the Attorney General's, the application..... It is the Trump-backed incumbents against his convicted offender precursor for the Republican Congress prime.

You wonder who was elected in the New York Congress primary? Who' s going to run for Congress in New York?

So what does the New York Ombudsman actually do?

Become the first to know who made the edit and where they are placed by personally participating in Pride Power 50 magazine.

What is in the New York City waters?

Government agreements, how do they work?

It is never stable.

Wherefore Democrats should not be worried about the New York Attorney General's ceremonious outcome.

Sometimes they have been Stymied by the Independent Democratic Conference and its power-sharing formation with Republicans. On other occasions, they have been jammed from the state of Sen. Simcha Fields, a Brooklyn Democrat who.....

Here is our leader for the 2018 Senate poll.

In honor of the most powerful men in Staten Island. The way the state addresses them and where there is a shortage.

Spoilers alarm, if you are living in New York Capital, there is probably already a prison in your back yard.

Which were the largest winners & losers from the state budgets 2018-19? The new business year in New York begins - with a state account. What is in and what is out of the state finances?

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