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The Downstate also includes Long Island. Upstate New York is the rest of the state! We' re going to see the big cities in the hinterland and hinterland of New York! TO REVIVE THE OLD CITIES IN THE HINTERLAND OF NEW YORK. The word card is a graphical interpretation of the words used by the participants in this report.

Top 50 Cities in Upstate New York, Rankings

New York's cities and communities are home to many well-educated professionals who find work, study and development at the state's many renowned colleges, institutes and businesses. Leveraging the latest U.S. Census Bureau information, we have pinpointed the cities, cities and communities throughout Upstate New York that are attracting the most sophisticated citizens.

Below are the 50 cities in Upstate NY with the highest percentage of inhabitants with a B.Sc. and up. NOTICE: Only municipalities with more than 4,000 inhabitants were included in this rankings to reduce the number of runaways, but still give a comprehensive view of the municipalities throughout the state.

The border covers the 300 biggest towns in the country.

The five cities that determine the innovative industry of New York State

More and more companies and institutional clients are looking to Upstate New York - attracted by a qualified labour force, stimulating growth and improving living standards - and see five cities as leaders in innovations in a variety of fields. Well, welcome to Boomtown, New York. Looking back on a proud history of high-tech, medicinal and energetic innovations driven by the region's academia, economic promotion organisations and core initiative such as the Syracuse Technology Garden, which is helping companies and innovative people to make new progress in developing industry.

Together with the 44 county high school institutions and higher education institutions, the Syracuse education system is as varied as it is abundant - there are 18 boroughs in Onondaga County with a total of about 80,000, of which 78 are primary and 27 are secondary and 21 are high school.

With a rich heritage of next-generation technology - Kodak was founded in Rochester in 1888 and became the home of home of amateur photographers - Rochester is continuing the innovative revolution with large scale investment in sectors such as photovoltaics, pharmacy and cybersecurity. One of Rochester's strengths is its closeness to the Finger Lakes, making it an up-and-coming agri-business guide.

Rochester was named No. 3 in Forbes Magazine's 2010 US Family Start-Up rankings, due in part to the city's fast-growing industrial community, world-class educational facilities and numerous art and culture venues in the inner cities. Rochester provides Rochester university graduates with a high level of training - seventeenth place out of 100 subway areas for university entrance qualifications8 - and with the 19 higher educational institutions and higher educational institutions in the area, among them the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Rochester area is creating a sustainable staff that is ready for the upcoming challenge.

Landscape parklands such as Genesee River's High Falls and Highland Park provide great excursions and outings. There is a growth in the area' s economies, supported by a growth technology industry with more than 100 new businesses. With Cornell University, Ithaca College and other colleges, Ithaca has built a thriving R&D and technology heritage, which includes Incodema3D, Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory and Kionix.

The Ithaca is a nice, advanced town with a lot to provide in respect of living standards, paired with a high educational level that goes far beyond its remarkable Ivy League institutions. The downtown Ithaca is expanding considerably and the recently renovated Ithaca Commons retail area offers everything from antique shops to Yogic courses to further strengthen the community's busines.

Ithaca' s wonders of nature may be the focus of relaxation, but the town also has a variety of culture and education, from the Johnson Museum of Art to the Science Centre and the Museum of the Earth for those looking for something to learn. The story of Utica goes back to the roots of the Erie Canal, which has established itself as a hard-working, industry-oriented place, but with a forward-looking approach to advancement and succeed.

Today, the municipality is preparing itself for the industry of the coming years by founding a large number of pioneering companies. A small borough with great culture, from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, which houses a first-class selection of modern arts, to the Stanley Center for the Arts, a recently restored historic monument that presents acoustical concert and theatre work.

Lovers of historical events will also appreciate Cooperstown, one of the most attractive small cities in the northeast and home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Lead by greats like IBM and Lockheed Martin, Binghamton has a long tradition of innovative and powerful economy.

It is a diversified production centre and the gate to the flourishing technological hallway of Upstate New York. Binghamton is home to progressive space and engineering firms such as BAE Systems, Rockwell Collins, L-3 Communications and McIntosh Laboratories. It is a scenic and scenic town, providing reasonably priced accommodation and a lot of cultural attractions.

Binghamton is not a place to be without a trip on one of the historical roundabouts - there are six in Broome County that are all free to drive. Binghamton also has Discovery Center, Ross Park Zoo and Roberson Museum and Science Center for those looking for entertainment for the whole and sundry.

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