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About Lighting | Our refreshing approach makes your search for light simple and the results brilliant. About Lighting Annex in Savannah, GA. Our priority at Circa Lighting is to provide an outstanding experience. Approca Lighting, a retailer of beautiful high-end lighting solutions, was ready for a complete overhaul of their e-commerce site. Newest tweets from circa lighting (@circalighting).

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Visit us in a Circa Lighting show room near you and party with the icons of the famous ceramist Christopher Spitzmiller. The participants have the opportunity to see Mr Spitzmiller and get a desk light from his shelf markers! Southern Living hired Eric Moser of the Moser Design Group, Lindsey Coral Harper of LCH Interiors and Jeff Sanderson of Whitney Blair Custom Homes to build their 2017 house of ideas to make an airy escape to Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

Visit some of our favourite nature-inspired interior designs and buy the looks chosen by the Idea House family! Warmer, more natural shades and luxuriant green fill the lounge. Anette Library Light by Ralph Lauren Home illuminates the shiny white mirrors and the vain blackened marble. This roomy cuisine consists of a couple of Hicks Large counterparts by Thomas O'Brienover, an 8-foot-width, sandy isle.

The Morris Flush Mount by Suzanne Kasler was the ideal lighting fixture for this unique and small room. Burnished chrome-plated fittings and the Graydon Double Bathtub Lights by Thomas O'Brien add even more luminosity to the light-flooded bathroom. Schedule your visit to 2017 Southern Living Idea House, which is open until October 29, 2017.

Courtsy Southern Living, a department of Time Inc. Northern Living is a trade mark of Time Inc. Raised nut tree doorframes, granite flooring and a Darlana Medium Lantern by E.F. Chapman make a great entrance in a Winnetka, IL Residenz, which has been planned and constructed by Reynolds family. An exhilarating 20-foot high drama staircase with E.F. Chapman's Darlana Wall Lanterns forms the background.

A Crystal Stacked Ball Hanging Shade by E.F. Chapman is hanging from an individually decorated V-groove-blanket. The Chelsea Medium Reflexion Sconces by E.F. Chapman accentuate the side board. E.F. Chapman's Osborne Lanterns' clear-cut, shiny chrome-finished design gives the lovely main room a modern look.

E. F. Chapman's Cross Bouillotte Small Sconces illuminates his and her vanity on both sides of a free-standing bath in the luxury main bedroom. Culinary delights include individual cabinets, hand-painted tiles and a set of Ruhlmann Hanging Shades by E.F. Chapman to illuminate the cuisine. E.F. Chapman's ageless Ruhlmann Large Chandelier is hanging above the desk in this relaxed eating area.

The Katie Globe pendant by Thomas O'Brien is hanging above the stylish changing table with plenty of space and sticks for comfortably hanging a roll of water. Visit the luxury yet habitable accommodation and buy all the lighting! High-ceilinged and roomy rooms provided generous lighting, among them a couple of Clarkson chandeliers from AERIN and Carter Apothecary Pot Table Lamps from Ralph Lauren Home.

A second Clarkson chandelier from AERIN was chosen by the designer to illuminate the minimalistic eating area. Kelly Wearstler's Linden table lamp's smooth surface contrasts with the grid pattern in the adjoining work. AERIN' Cristol Tiered Chandelier and a couple of Carter Small Table Lamps by Ralph Lauren Home illuminate the main room by the bed.

The Alta table lamp by Kelly Wearstler highlights a nut tree cabinet in the main room. "In the lounge is the table lamp Gaios by AERIN and Morris Large Lantern by Suzanne Kasler. AERIN' Gaios table lamps' Volcanic Verdi finishing accentuate shades of greens in the overheads.

Kelly Wearstler's impressive paintings and large concrete table lamp were chosen by the design team to create an atmosphere of intimacy in a roomy space. AERIN' Gannet table lamps, among them, provide a cosy yet refined haptic furniture and accessoires reflecting the high level of contemporary refinement and the elegance of unusual, collective items.

The focus this weekend will be on Ralph Lauren Home for the handcrafted workmanship of the fine fabrics that enrich the places we call home With mouth-blown restoration glass: a Ralph Lauren Signaturglas with minute pockets of bubble and a wave structure typical of ancient windows.

Featuring handcrafted cable crystal sleeves, a curved shape and scaly drop of crystal glasses, the feet are made of massive whiteoak accentuated by wrought-iron fittings, all faithful to its initial popularity. Chapman Darlana Large Lantern's polished nickel surface mirrors the daytime sunshine in this light stairwell and provides a soft, shiny nightlife.

In this Westport, the CT house, the Bluewater crew has designed an open plan lounge and dinning area that is perfect for taking in the panorama view of Long Island Sound. Suzanne Kasler's Camille Small Chandelier is a relaxed yet stylish look above the glazed dinner tables. Blue Water chose Thomas O'Brien's Patrick Large counterparts to illuminate one of two isles in this roomy cuisine that won the 2016 HOBI Award for Best Renovated Home & Lower Level Cuisine.

There is a front windows and a fishbone chimney in the Nantucket Shingle styled sitting-room. Clodagh's few primitives give the mantelpiece a contemporary aura. Ralph Lauren's Windsor Large Hanging Shade is the focus of this light and breezy main room. Bluewater's newest Compo Beach house's breathtaking cuisine comes with Kelly Wearstler's polished nickel Precise Large counterparts.

This five-bedroomed house was designed for both interior and exterior use with a spacious back terrace illuminated by Fresno Long Wall Sconces by E.F. Chapman. Each of the seven showsrooms show new and popular collection by E.F. Chapman, AERIN, Kelly Wearstler and Suzanne Kasler. from l. to r.: from l. to r:

It is not too early to begin buying gifts for those who are lighting up your living when the holidays time of year is fast nearing. Update the desktop decoration of a beloved person this Christmas time with a trendy new workplace beacon. A good lighting system has been shown to increase your working and study environment efficiency.

Artists or enthusiastic collectors in your lifetime will love to present a favourite work with an elegance and agelessness. In every house - even in the smallest flats - there is room for a delicate accentuated luminaire. We are raffling $500 Circa Lighting greeting card to 5 happy winner to show our esteem!

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