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We' re a multicultural, non-denominational church in the Hudson Valley in New York, churches in Dutchess County, NY. Lighthouse Tabernacle Seventh-day Adventist Church. Bethel South Church Of God In Christ. The First United Congregation Church of Christ. The Episcopal Church of St.

Paul is an inviting and diverse parish rooted in the Anglican tradition.

Deconsecration' of two Dutch churches.

Mylbrook - Two churches in the same Dutchess County community are "deconsecrated", but what will be done with the building will remain to be seen. "It means that these churches may no longer be used for religious purposes," said Joseph Zwilling, spokesperson for the New York Catholic archdiocese.

Deconsecration is part of a multi-year project, which the diocese refers to as "making everything new". In response to declining visitor numbers and funding problems, the schedule began in 2015 with ecclesiastical consolidation within the communities. The Immaculate Conception and the Chapel of St Joseph, both located in the parish of Millbrook's St. Joseph-Immaculate Conception, are to be secondment.

They belong to the 18 deconsecration rations in the arch-diocese, which extends from Staten Island to the provinces of Dutchess and Sullivan. There are other churches in the Netherlands - St. Joseph's and St. Mary's in the Dutch town Poughkeepsie, for example, although it has not yet been determined whether these churches will be consecrated.

Gemini declared that beyond the approval decree of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, there was no deconsecration ceremonies for a canonship. Afterwards, a diocesan archdiocesan staff will take away all holy or precious objects and store them for possible later use. Each parish decides whether a parish should be disposed of after the deconsecration, and this is subject to approval by the Archiediocese, the Supreme Court and the Pope.

In order to be sold for approval, the property may be used for "profane" but not " dirty purposes", i.e. for reasons that run counter to ecclesiastical doctrine. However, what will be done with the 18 outbuildings that will be consecrated is not yet known.

St. Paul's Church | The Episcopal Church greets you

The Episcopal Church of St. Paul is an inviting, affirmative, varied and service-oriented church in the centre of Poughkeepsie. The Episcopal Church of St. Paul is an inviting and varied ministry deeply anchored in the English school. Balancing writing, traditions and common sense in our ministry to God, our communion and each other. We' re involved in several non-profit outreach programs, such as our pantry, the Small Blessings Thrift Shop and the CTC.

For more information, please visit our Sunday School and Operations pages. Hours of service: Please accompany us to the church and remain after the church mass for refreshment. St. Paul's Weekly Messenger acts as a newsletters and main means of communications for the St. Paul Episcopal Church Fellow ship, Poughkeepsie.

Every edition contains interesting and interesting contents that cover the messages, programmes, ministries and activities of the Bishop's churches, both large and small... It is a must! Below is a listing of our last 15 Weekly Messengers: Register for our Weekly Messenger!

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