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Nyc Children's Museum

New York Historical Society Museum & ; Library. Kindermuseum der Künste. Jewish culture galleries for children. Kindermuseum der Künste.

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Children's Museum of Manhattan - Five storeys of entertainment, exploration, exhibitions, study, workshop and performance.

Free for kids under 1 year! Featuring five fantastic levels of enjoyment on West 83rd Street, we are a place for joy, exploration and study! At the interface of art, academia and the liberal arts, we are creating experience so that our kids can flourish at home, in schools and in the family. All of our practical study settings, programmes and curriculums are the result of an ancient fusion of amusement, research and museum studies.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018, the Children's Museum of Manhattan will be hosting our yearly fundraiser to celebrate a year of fun surroundings and programmes that encourage joy, exploration and study here at the museum and throughout New York City!

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Discover 7 Best Children's Museums for Children in NYC in 2018

There is no lack of quality entertainment in NYC, especially when you and your staff are visiting the many unbelievable children museum in each district. There is something fascinating about every place, from the classical places like the American Museum of Natural History to the one-of-a-kind places like the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

The marvellous things about these children's museum for them are their offers. They are not restricted to exhibitions - there are courses, camp ings and even overnight stays for those who want to spend their own nights in the museum. To spend a week-end or a free days at our schools, check out some of the NYC's child musees.

Check out things in the fall, have a good time with some children's outings or watch some of these funny children's films in theatres.

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