Chicago Day Trips

One-Day Excursions to Chicago

Outings in Chicago are for tourists: Schedule weekend activities and book sightseeing day trips now for big savings! A list of the best day trips from Chicago. Milwaukee Chicago day trip. The busy, gravelly Milwaukee may not be on the average tourist's radar, but it's still a great day trip from Chicago.

Top 5 Chicago Day Trips

Visit Chicago, but your longing for faraway places is like an itching you can't scrape? It is the gate to the Midwest and there are many trips within a brief ride or rail journey that only take a day or two to do. Visit a picturesque Michigan marble cave farming estate or visit the rugged, impressive Illinois center cannons or the artisanal Wisconsin curd.

From Milwaukee to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Oak Park to Oglesby, Illinois, or Holland, Michigan, these trips are proof that the Midwest is anything but a high-flyer state. Featuring a lively open air fair full of locals stores and dining in the centre of Milwaukee's historical Third Ward district. The mornings are quiches, cute and hearty brioches and a series of grasping and walking brioches, either for a cool nibbling mornings on the Chicago Looprain.

Situated in the centre of Milwaukee, Lakeshore State Park is an urbane getaway. Twenty two hectares of lakeshore footpaths and tracks lead to Lake Michigan, with angling areas, a jetty for boats and canoeing, and access to the Summerfest, the major yearly musical event in Milwaukee. Milwaukee Art Museum on the lake shore is a dream in itself.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is one of the biggest art collections in the state. It has a total of over 25,000 works. Situated on a calm curve of the Milwaukee River just off the city centre, the Lakefront Brewery is an open air, large scale brewery with open air seats during the warm season. As a groundbreaking small brewery, Lakefront has been a pillar of Milwaukee since 1987.

This constantly shifting tapping schedule contains only the fresest beers, such as 100% locally acres with state shops and malts, or the Fuel Cafe, an old US strong beer in barrels, which is bottled in a drunken 6th century. The Comet Cafe rock a cranky hiphster retribe, with traditional arts, Christmas lanterns and a wooden coffeebar opposite the boozer-house.

And there is a profound brew listing of regional speciality beers, plus a selection of classical drinks. Big stained glass floods this enchanting inner city patisserie with lights. Sanems, an independant shop in the centre of Oak Park, offers modern women'swear. Located close to Geneva city centre, this small sandy spot impresses with its centrality and easy access, but looses its entrance fees.

At 26 leagues on the banks of the worn out Lake Geneva, the shore path is not exactly far from the realm of the people, but still a picturesque walk. Prosperous Chicagoers flooded Lake Geneva in the nineteenth century, especially after the great fire of 1971. Because of the old school's charms and luxury facilities, the visitors stream in and try to take advantage of the rich atmosphere of the turn of the 20th centuries, which primarily lured affluent holidaymakers to Lake Geneva.

If you want a flavour of regional flavours, visit Fat Cats in the centre of Lake Geneva. There is a full cafe, but don't wait for the refinement of a handicraft-mixologists. These are not good technical wine, but they are good wine - understand? Musical line wine is named after renowned artists who use traditional grape varieties ranging from dried to sour.

In the meantime, the best wine will be tasted with more refined, classical varieties of grapes from Europe such as Victorian, Arabian and Capetian. It is a good base for a relaxing holiday with plenty of entertainment, a large swimmingpool and guided walks. It is situated in the centre of the famous Rock State Park, only a few min. away from the trail and the water falls.

A classy winery and sampling room that presents local vintages and vintages in a modern, gallery-like atmosphere. It' ideal for tastings and explorations of Illinois after the Hunger Strike. One of Illinois' most popular wildlife areas in cold weather, this is an area of declining glacier activity known for its waterfalls and gorges.

There are 18 rapids to be explored in Starved Rock, but the attraction is certainly the 14 falls throughout the area. It is a welcoming place to relax, with tablecloths, hot lights and traditional wall decor. There is a small listing of strictly controlled wine that covers the world, but the drawing here is Butch's 200-plus range, which includes fine, artisan, and import brews and cider.

It is a choice from New America Classic, and Butch's is proud to work in close cooperation with regional suppliers and to list its regional partner companies on the website. If you are in Holland, you can enjoy a refined, delicious, specific meal here, which is upscale but not overcharged. New Holland Brewing was established in 1996 and is one of the pioneer breweries in the state.

The brewery is located at the company head office in the centre of Holland. anging from cast-iron stut to limit editions, grownler fills to specific brewery offers, New Holland offers more than 20 suds at any given moment. It is a family-run village that has baked in Holland, Michigan for four generation and added the cosy morning and midday restaurants in 2008.

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