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A private, green courtyard for indoor and outdoor events. Bougainvilleas is a Houston destination that meets all your needs. Ideal for weddings, corporate and special events. HOUSTON'S NEWEST PREMIERE WEDDING LOCATION & EVENT CENTER. Modern and elegant reception for your Quinceanera.

Télécharger 20 Billige Hochzeitsorte à Houston ]].

Are you looking for an economical place for your wedding or your wedding in Houston, Texas? Here is a listing of 10 top wedding locations in Houston that will give you more for your money. Get the complete listing of 20 cheap Houston Wedding Venues. First stop on our Houston Wedding Venues is the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.

Expenses: The rent of the interior or the Liliengarten is $500 for 50 people. It also has a number of fine dining options, including breakfast and dinner, making it one of the most attractive and accessible wedding venues in Houston. Fee: $250 for 2h, $125 for each extrah, which consists of up to 24 collapsible seats, lounge chair, up to 4 desks and cleaning.

Costs: Celebration Garden is available for 1 hours wedding rents from Sunday to Thursday. Costs are $250 (January-March, July-October) and $500 (April-June, November-December). Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion can also be rented, but it is much cheaper. Costs: Hire is $90/hour (M-Th, Sun) and $100/hour (Fri, Sat), including round table and chair for up to 265 people.

Further rental is possible, incl. full foyer or customization. Tasting: If you are interested in a little escape with the whole hostess' house, this room is ideal for a cheap wedding! It' $450 for a wedding service in a band or a Victory Gardens.

Costs allow up to 10 members of the host families and include taxes and service. Add up to 5 extra people for $12.88 per head. Costs: From $900 (Fr), $1000 (Sa) and $800 (Sun) for up to 80 people for up to 6h. Costs include desks, seats, individual illumination, unrestricted ices, teas and waters and bar use.

For ceremonies and receptions, the Wedding Pack Garten is $500. The price include assembly, disassembly, 6 hour entrance to the gardens, 50 lawn chair, speakers and runners. Expenses: The rentable area is $510 for a single practice theatre with a technical assistant or $525 as a lobby with buffets and seats.

It' located in the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, which provides extra rooms when something else better meets your needs/visions. Fee: $650 for a total of 476 people, incl. use of table, chair and cuisine. One of them is a member of Harris County staff who will activate the establishment and provide answers to all your queries.

Fees: $175 for up to 119 or $125 for up to 60 people. The rent price include the use of desks, stools and cuisine. Costs include a Harris County representative to open and shut the property and provide answers to all your queries. Costs: The rent is $400 and covers the use of the house, desks, chairs as well as the canteen.

It has a seating for 240 people. No matter whether you are fashionable or traditionally expansive, indoor or outdoor, a household or most of what you have, this book will lead you to the affordable wedding venues in Houston, Texas, will store you researches. You can sort this Excel sheet to find the information you need to schedule the wedding of your dream!

Are you looking for other wedding varieties in Houston? Other Harris County parish centres are also available, many of which are very inexpensive and offer the use of desks, stools and facilities for cooking. 100+ cheap wedding planing advice - FREE!

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