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cheap wedding variety Hudson Valley

Scenic and diverse, Hudson Valley unfolds scene by scene like no other place on the East Coast. It will certainly be much cheaper than Europe. Hudson Valley Outdoor Weddings. The views of the orchards and Hudson Valley offer rural charm ninety minutes north of New York City. Situated in the wilderness, this cathedral is the ideal place for a wedding.

Accessible venues - Westchester/Mid Hudson Valley NY? Weddings, planning and planning wedding forum

Hello my dear women - I am looking for a location for our wedding and our welcome in Westchester/ low to mid Hudson Valley, NY area? I would like to have a vine yard or a wonderful natural sight on a stream, sea, valley etc.. For a Sunday in March 2014 we need an indoors location with 125 guests.

I would like to stay within $3,500 - $4,000 for the location incl. - tables, necklaces and possibly bed linen. It is far-fetched, I know, but I am open to all-inclusive events that also offer the cost of meals. Childbirth is $20k I know it's going to be tough in this area, but I'm determined in order to adhere with that number.

Borghese Villa, in Wappengers Falls, the Overlook Lodge at Bear Mountain, Half Moon Haus, in Dobbs Ferry, possibly Falkirk, in the Central Valley (which I love), Chateau Hathorne in Warwick, Caitlin Gardens, in Slate Hill. But the Mohonk Mountain home is holding marriages I know, and it has some glorious sights around this area.

Ch√Ęteau Hathorne is quite expensive. I' m not familiar with the prices, but I recall that the meal was quite good. I' d never shut anything out of the bats since you've been looking at a Sunday wedding in the off-season. On the basis of your responses to some of your queries (budget, number of persons, site, etc.), the system will fill in an automatic questionnaire according to your needs.

Go to'My Wedding' and click on'My Sellers', this should help you to get a better picture of your possibilities! For $20,000, you can have an overwhelming wedding. But there are many ways to give you an upscale look while keeping to your budgets. It was only in Falkirk last night, and the interior is really nice.

They were too chilly to really have the wedding outside, but they took their pictures there, with the falls, etc... What location did you chose?

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