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Charlotte Hotel City Center. The Charlotte wedding locations and reception areas for your big day celebration. Charlotte's beautiful wedding venues with prices, photos, descriptions and capacity information to help you compare wedding locations in North Carolina. The Charlotte's most unique location *Weddings *Company events *Birthday parties *Dinner for rehearsals *Holiday celebrations *Much more! Lovely rustic barn wedding venue is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte Wedding Locations - Charlotte Wedding - July 2016

Life in a town of almost 800,000 inhabitants should not keep you from celebrating the countryside wedding of your dream. Some Charlotte locations are a reflection of our Mediterranean charms and our passion for our place of origin, reflecting easier days and countryside charms. If you are looking for a renovated shed or a wild-flowered farmstead, you will find your dreamlike rustical event location in Charlotte.

Noteworthy: adds rural flair by letting your patrons sit on hand-made oaken bench and bale of grass with sacking. Remarkable: Warm up the barbecue with an outdoor campfire at the stony fireplace. Remark: By working with the Homestead's select providers, pairs can cut costs by up to 50 per cent on things like bouquets and the like.

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Situated on a 4 hectare large lakeside with a forest to the back, rollable field to the front and a wonderful sight to the side, this room will satisfy every taste. This is a privately owned, singular and varied room for open-air marriages..... All of our events are delivered together with the wedding and welcome so you don't have to be worried.

In addition, we provide all-inclusive plans to help you spend even more of your precious energy. We' re constantly add new features so you can cut shipping costs and establish charges. Let the Oaks personnel take charge of your cathedrals, decoration and more! Situated in the middle of 100 hectares of arable land, just a few steps from Uptown Charlotte, I-485 and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

We' re only a few minutes away from any town in the Charlotte-Metro area! Your wedding plans can be tedious, so our committed personnel are here to make sure every detail is taken into account and you are enjoying the action of your dream! Our aim is to provide you with a relaxed environment so that you can spend your free moments with the person you care about most.

Speak to our Sales Manager and see the beauties of The Oaks in action 7 nights a week by arrangement. We' ll be glad to show you around and help you planning the ideal wedding for you! For more information about Outdoor Wedding's at The Oaks! see the "Weddings" or " Other Events" tabs to find out more about how each of The Oaks! concerts is organised nice. relaxed. more. in detail.

Savour your wedding. Back in a quiet residential area by a scenic pond, the location provides a home feel for open-air marriages with lots of room to design and savour the experience you've alwaysamt of. The spacious events centre provides a cosy, welcoming room for the wedding reception.

There are also a number of accommodations available in the property's function room with 3 bedroom bride suites, 2 chimney seating areas, billiard room and stunning views of the 4 hectare area. What's the best part about The Oaks? For a whole week-end you can have your wedding for the same rate that other venues charged for half a full year!

So, just chill out and spend your free day with us! We also have package deals to help you spend even more energy and energy. As part of our package, pairs can use the estate for rehearsals, sales reunions and photoshoots, and also have the opportunity to arrange a tasting meal on the estate.

This new 4,000 sq. metre large hall with glossy concrete floors and charming interior and exterior illumination is the ideal venue for any kind of events! Our committed employees make sure that every detail is taken into account and that you can really experience the experience of your dream! There are so many places to relax and take pictures - the venue, pavillon, open spaces, areas with beautiful ceiling lights and a lakeside jamb.

Enquire from your host about using The Oaks as a background for your next shooting! We' re more than just a location, our employees are committed to making your wedding anniversary perfectly stress-free.

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