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There is a small retile competing with the turtle in our affection, but unlike its peeled cock, it is calmly taking over the provinces - the ordinary chameleon. It is not an beast that comes to your head when you think of Almería, but Chamaeleo chaeleon breeds like mad and can now be found in places where it has never been before.

With the chameleon growing seasons, if there are any near, you will soon discover one. Since 2012, Emilio Gómez of the Almería Association for the Exploration and Restoration of Biological Diversity (Serbal) has conducted an annually conducted survey of the province's chameleon populations. It says that there is no question that the hatchery of the breed has grown every year in the area.

Today, from its native settlements in Aguadulce, Carboneras and Roquetas, it can be found as far as Mojacar and Adra, which are also found in the Almería region as far as Granada. Surveys outside Aguadulce showed a chameleon concentration of 130 per ha, the highest in the area.

It was not known in the Almería region until a 1960 survey identified a brood stock in Aguadulce. Since 1977 researchers have discharged 40 brood couples to the Punta Entinas Natural Reserve to investigate their acclimatisation, and in the late 80s another brood populace outside Carboneras was born.

One thing researchers do not know is why they began to breed. Brood population was almost stable until 2005, when all of a sudden the lizard was everywhere. It is suspected by regional researchers that warming up winter and higher numbers of insects of the genus allow a longer incubation period with less nutritional rivalry.

Chameleons are very local during the incubation period, which contributes to the expulsion of the young and the conquest of new areas. Extensive research in 2001 and 2009 confirms that the genus can be found along the entire south Mediterranean coast up to Turkey, but that the Andalucian coast is by far the most important nesting site for it.

It is explicitly named in a German conservation act and cannot be harvested, caught or exhibited. Chameleons are considered to be moderately threatened with extinction, mainly due to man's invasion of their confined area. In 2011, Masó and Pijoan conducted a set of tests describing how the ordinary chameleon has a color scale from clear yellows to blacks, leading through browns, greens and greys.

The chameleon seems to be at home in the provinces, and the odds of you finding one near you are getting better and better. There is a website on which anyone who discovers a chameleon can register it for their population.

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