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I' m at Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Join the new Chaffey College online application process! Many thanks for your interest in Chaffey College. It is the official website of the Chaffey College Intercollegiate Athletics. Maker Innovation Center (MIC) is a partnership between Chaffey Community College and the city of Rancho Cucamonga.

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PresidentHenry D. Shannon, Ph.D. Chaffey College is a publicly funded college in the San Bernardino County town of Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA, in the north of the municipality of Alta Loma. It includes Chino, Chino Hills, Fontana, Montclair, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and Upland. The Chaffey College of Agriculture, 1885.

In 1901, due to economic difficulties, the college was closed. It was taken over by the town and became home to Ontario High school, now Chaffey High school. The Chaffey Foundation was split from the USC in 1906 and reorganised in favour of the new Chaffey Union High school District.

Ontario Highschule was opened in 1911 for uplanders. The Chaffey Jr. College of Agriculture was admitted to the Gymnasium in 1916 as a post-graduate group. As part of the New Deal, the school's building was refurbished and further outfitted. In 1922, a dedicated collegiate county was established and in 1957 loans were authorized to promote a full segregation of high schol.

Panther is the college's masked boy. Measurement L provides up to $230 million in the form of 10-year notes for the facility mastersplan. The outdoor facilities in Fontana and Hino are also part of this project, with the construction of new Fontana and a new chinese school.

It will remain open during the project with the exception of temporary detours in the area of transport and car parks. In 2010, the College enhanced its amenities with renovations and refurbishments to infrastructures, as well as an upgrade of current structures and the creation of a new scientific centre with four structures, a Studentenwerk, the Panther Express Convention Centre, Rancho Dining Commons (MACC), Panther Cafe (Starbucks) and an Education excellence centre.

College sportsmen are called the Panthers.

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