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Newest tweets from Central Hudson (@CentralHudson). National Hudson can refer to that: White/Twitter.com/CentralHudson); and; By phone: National Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, utilities, heating oil and gas companies.

Comm. of N.Y. But no matter who you get your energy from, Central Hudson will be your regulated utility in the Hudson Valley region.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

An agent will come to you and look for possible leakages or defective devices. If you see a drop in AC line or other potentially dangerous situation with electric devices, you are at least 30 ft. away.

Energy can be supplied to the floor around falling or low-hanging walls and nearby buildings such as fencing. Alerts will be alerted and Central Hudson sent in for repair.

Invoicing & Payment

Our automated method of paying is our PayPal. You' ll still get invoices, but your payments will be debited from your banking accounts instantly. For a list of comfortable places to make payments in our services area, please click here. To subscribe to text warnings and use your check accounts to fund your accounts, click here.

Optional 1: Login or sign up to make payments by check or credit/debit cards with full control of your invoice and payments histories. If you know your Central Hudson bank details, you can also make payments without having to login by using a current bank transfer or credit/debit cards. The invoicing and paying information specified is, however, restricted to the next due date and the amount due when these are selected.

There is a third charge of $2.95 for private customers and $7.95 for non-residential cards. No extra fees are charged for on-line current accounts purchases. Cards cannot be paid for more than $5,000 per housing or $10,000 per non-residential within 26 days. In order to pay a current bank transfer by phone:

Make sure you have your central Hudson trading hours and banking details available. Used to make a credit/debit/cards transaction by phone: Note that a third-party provider will charge $2.95 for all loan and debt cards and $7.95 for all non-residential cards.

The Central Hudson does not profit from this fee. In addition, credit cards may not be more than $5,000 per housing or $10,000 per non-residential within a 26-day term. In order to prevent the seasonality of electricity invoices that can be generated by extreme heat or coldness, budgetary accounting distributes your electricity and gaz invoices evenly over 12 consecutive 12 consecutive and not every other one. Your weekly budgets will be consistent for 11 consecutive 11 consecutive monts, depending on your uptime.

Please click here to order a partial invoice. Times -of-use is an option for consumers to charge their energy according to the date of use. You can find further information on time-of-use accounting here. Please note that it sometimes takes a little more or a little more money to keep your bankroll up to date.

When you need help, please visit our Payment Help Program page for information about possible payment help programmes available to you.

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