Centra Credit Union

Pennsylvania Credit Cooperative

Newest tweets from Centra Credit Union (@centracu). Critiques and detailed information about Centra Credit Union. See Centra Credit Union location, turnover, industry and description. The Centra Credit Union is headquartered in Columbus, Indiana. Discover what works well at Centra Credit Union, from the people who know best.

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Columbus, IN

The Centra Credit Union has been open since 1997. It is the fourth-biggest credit cooperative in Indiana with total wealth of $1.48 billion and bank advisory for more than 113,000 members. It is not allowed to have office times for members. To find out more, call (800) 232-1024 at 974 Tupelo Drives by phoning (800) 232-1024 or contacting the credit union by one of these means:

Working at Centra Credit Union

Center Credit Union is a 77 year old organisation based in Columbus Indiana. We' re one of the five biggest credit cooperatives in Indiana and the 200 biggest in the United States. It is Centra's goal to offer its 145,000 members high-quality finance and service offerings.

CENTRAS is a $1.4 billion organisation that has had a 5-star farmer credit ratings for 90 successive quarter (21 successive years), which means that CENTRAS continues to be one of the most powerful banks in the state. The name of our 380 staff members is the Centra-Familie. Our performance is outstanding, we have an environment that promotes the whole team, a legacy of team work and personal commitment, and the capacity to thrive within the organisation, as our established Centra product line demonstrates.

If someone accedes to Centra Credit Union, you not only join a business, but also an honourable job that makes a significant contribution to the members' life. At Centra we are "Centered Around You", the member. Center provides you with a competitively priced salary and advantages.

If you work for Centra, you will not only work for a large finance group. Being a Centra staff member gives you the chance to be part of a great group and change a person's world!

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