Cazenovia College

The University of Cazenovia

Çazenovia College is a small, independent, coeducational, baccalaureate college in Cazenovia, New York, USA. The University of Cazenovia With our emphasis on technological, business and cultural competence, we prepare our clients for a variety of professions in the fields of cultural and artistic administration. The IACBE accreditation programme provides preparation for a broad-based training in socio-scientific aspects of business administration. You' ll be taught how to grow fashions, make designs, build clothes and make your own outfits.

In the picturesque Finger Lakes area of Upstate New York, Cazenovia College is nestled in the historical lake village of Cazenovia. The small, appealing university is only a few minutes by car from Syracuse and offers comfortable student accommodation in student residences to university and other institutions. Cazenovia College's Innovation Fund was established to promote investment in Cazenovia College's forward-looking initiatives and programmes.

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Çazenovia College is a small, autonomous, coeducational, Bachelor of Science College in Cazenovia, New York, USA. Centenovia provides extensive libertarian art training with university and co-curriculum programmes dedicated to the development of executives in their professions. Later, the facility became known as the Cazenovia Seminar. Known as the Oneida and Genesee Conference Seminary, the Oneida Conference Seminary and the Central New York Conference Seminary over the years.

The name of Cazenovia Seminar was not formally adopted until 1894, but the name was used from the beginning and is often used to relate to it before it became a college. Participation of Cazenovia College staff as members of Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Wildcats are members of the Northern Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC). Bookkeeping, Art and Design, Business & Management, Communication Studies, Criminal Law and Homeland Security Studies, Early Childhood Teacher Training, Primary Education, English, Environmental Studies, Horse Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Human Services, Interior Design, International Studies, Liberal Studies, Photography, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sports Management, Studio Art and Visual Communication.

Arts and Design, Economics and Management, Humanities, Natural and Educational Sciences, Social and Behavioural Sciences and Office for Extended Learning.

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