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Search our Cayuga Heights, NY condos and townhouses for sale. Shore-floating classroom, with the support of a Wells College group. Charles Hill is a sub-chief of the Cayuga Nation Heron Clan. The Cayuga Marsh, a low-lying wetland, is part of a large, almost pure cattail bog (Typha latifolia) at the northern end of Cayuga Lake. The Seneca Falls and developing communities in the northern Finger Lakes region.

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From Cayuga Lake - A Guidebook to Cayuga Lake Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, and more

Lake Cayuga flows into the Seneca and Cayuga canals, which are connected to the Erie canal. Ithaka, 29,287 inhabitants (2000 census), lies at the south end of Lake Cayuga. Hosts Cornell University and Ishtaca College, Ihaca has a soft, Czech atmosphere and a lot of cultur. Ithaka area is known for its extraordinary canyons.

Tiny municipalities line the banks of the lakeshore, such as Myers, King Ferry, Aurora, Levanna, Union Springs and Cayuga on the east bank and Sheldrake, Poplar Beach and Canoga on the west bank. Ithaca Farmers' Markets is a must in Ithaca, from the freshest floral products to handcrafted handicrafts and upholstery!

Walk to Taughannock Falls or go camping, picnicking, swimming or playing in the Cayuga Lake area! Eat, drink, visit and walk around the falls in this enchanting and diverse university city on the south tip of Cayuga Lake. Visiting award-winning vineyards, restaurants and seeing stunning falls along the picturesque Cayuga Lake Wine Trail.

The Cayuga Lake Vineyards - Take a guided walk through the vineyards around Cayuga Lake and get to know the area. Crossing - Cayuga Lake is the ideal place for a cross. isthaca - Diverse food, art and leisure facilities in this college city. Get an appetizing stroll around Robert Treman State Park.

No signposted cycle paths on the shore, but the 101 mile stretch around the shore is a favourite itinerary. On the Cayuga Lakes, you will find sailboats and other leisure boats. The Allan H. Treman State Marine Park (607-273-3440) is the best place for open water dives and moorings if you are located near Ithaca.

Give us a call: The garden is a favourite and temporary slip-ups are quick. There are marinas, both state-owned and privately owned, around Cayuga Lake. When you are looking for someone else to take the lead, you should consider a boating trip or a Cayuga Lake cruise that will include lunches, dinners and drinks.

One of Cayuga Lakes biggest operators on the island is Cayuga Lake Cruises (607-256-0898), whose three-hour dining trip is particularly appreciated by tourists to Cayuga Lakes. It is a large shop in the area around the Cayuga Sea, as it is the area' s biggest agricultural area. Due to environment legislation aimed at minimising the industry's effects on the catchment area of Cayuga, farmers are subject to a high level of environment protection and the most environmentally responsible are proud to label "Lake Fit Farm".

To the west of Cayuga Lake you will find farmers such as Silver Queen Farm and specialised cheesemakers such as Farmstead cheeses. To the east of Lake Cayuga are fruit gardens and biological farmhouses, as well as a prestigious dairy. You can find our products on the Ithaca Farmers Market.

The Cayuga is very much loved by fishermen. The Cayuga is particularly good for angling (especially brook trouts, sea trouts and trouts). Pickerel, bigmouth perch, smallmouth perch and hake can be found in the warm water of the flatter areas of the pond. There are shallows at the north and south end of Lac Cayuga that invite you to go angling.

Look at the area around the southerly end of the water, especially the water near Ithaca and the Cayuga Lake State Park. Find out more about Cayuga lake fishing..... Around Cayuga Lake there are some great walks, many of which offer the possibility to see stunning creeks. The Robert Treman State Park, just five leagues southwards from Ithaca, has some of the most beautiful walking paths in the area.

Nature lovers know the falls, ravines and cliff forms in the reserve. Take the top parking entry and visit Old Mill Falls and the Gorge Trail to Enfield Glen. Visit Taughannock Falls State Parc for a great walk with a treat at and-an unbelievable cascade!

View of the Cayuga Sea from the Cayuga Natural Center. Several of the best shooting and catching sites around Cayuga lake are located in the Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area, a New York State administered zone that encompasses highlands, wetland, footpaths and marked trail. The area of Cayuga lake is surrounded by many beautiful parklands. Seneca Falls Cayuga Lake State Parc is a lakeside resort with angling, campsite, picnic table, open boats and children's area.

Situated on the northwestern shores of Lake Cayuga, this beautiful nature reserve is equally loved by local residents and people. Cayuga Lake State Parks campsites are awarded high marks. and the Cayuga Wines Path is the oldest vineyard path in the United States. Begun by Mary Plane of Cayuga Vineyards in the early 1980s (since its renaming as Cayuga Ridge), the Cayuga Winestrail has developed into a series of prestigious vines.

The Cayuga Wine Trail has also increased with the growth of the wine sector. Cayuga Lake offers many accommodation possibilities, with the most in and around Ithaca, where you will find hotels for every pocket, as well as a large choice of enchanting rural guest houses and B&Bs.

Visit Aurora, Dryden, Interlaken, Lansing, Ovid, Romulus, Spencer, Trumansburg and Seneca Falls for B&B's and small taverns with regional taste. Ishtaca is a great city for restaurants - in this somewhat Czech university city you will find restaurants for all tastes and budgets. The Cornell University and Ithaca College add to the young flair, but the restaurants are by no means restricted to students' prices.

Delicious food, cosmopolitan taste, gastro pubs - whatever, Ithaca has it. There are good up and down Cayuga Lake-Seneca Falls, Ovid and Interlaken are all hosts of well-known waterside eateries. What is the length of Lake Cayuga? The Cayuga Lake is about 37 years old. This is bordered by the towns of the historical Seneca Falls in the northern part and the beautiful Ithaca in the southern part.

What is the width of Cayuga Lake? It stretches for three and a half mile at its broadest point. It' one of the largest of them. What is the surface of the Cayuga Lake? It is one of the lowest in America with a max. deep of 435 meters and the second lowest Finger-Lock.

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