Catskills Wine Tour

Wine Tour Catskills

Dear craft beer, wines & spirits? Catskills are the right place for you! Lean back and relax while we take you on a picturesque and relaxing trip to three of the best wineries in the Catskills. The Shawangunk Wine Trail About the Trail: Hudson Valley is home to many of them, including those on the famous Shawangunk Wine Trail.

The Shawangunk Wine Trail

Enjoy your days on the way through the Catskills and visit our amazing and fertile vineyards! The wine-growing regions produce a wide range of flavours, from bone-dry to lushly cute. Our wine regions are home to a number of enthusiastic winegrowers. This wine-growing estate is open from January to March in winters, but is open from April to December 20 on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 to 18.00. The wine-growing estate makes five to six reds and six whites, but concentrates on smaller lots, so that different types of wine are available at different periods.

While you can go to the wine room and try four free tastings, if the estate has more than four available, there is a $4 sample charge, which will include a gift-box. The Eminence Road Farm Wine is located about an hours from us, northwestbound towards Long Eddy. Famous for its varieties of wine, this estate is open by arrangement, but offers its wine at neighbouring farmers' market and good restaurant.

In order to arrange a wine degustation, send an e-mail to the winery[email protected] or call 845-887-6280. The Shawangunk WineTrail is an fun and simple way to discover our vineyards near by! There are 15 vineyards along the way, some of which are tucked together, making it simple to see more than one in one afternoons.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you enjoy the quality of life on each individual vineyard! Shawangunk Wine Trail wine cellars include a variety of grape varieties and style and you will even find fruity wine and meat in certain of them. They are small to medium-sized and family-run vineyards. Our wine is award-winning and serves by passionate and expert cooks.

Among the vineyards along the way: In case you would rather have someone else take care of the transport between the vineyards, the trailer has teamed up with cab and limo service to ensure a secure and dependable transport for your wine hike. Inquire at the respective vineyard you would like to attend about the opening times and conditions of tastings before your stay.

For those who are planning to visit a few on the way and take part in wine sampling, you can obtain the Hudson Valley Wine Tour Passport, which is available from April to August and allows up to four wine samples to be tasted at each estate. If you are planning to visit the Bounty of the Hudson Wine & Food Festival during the year!

The 2016 edition of the Applewood Winery will take place from July 30 to 31. From November to mid-December, the trails can be found in the vineyards in summer and summer. It is a ticket show that contains a wine glas, a Shawangunk Wine Train and a wine ring decorated with decorations that you can collect from the vineyards along the way.

The distilleries produce spirits, gingerbread, bourbon, whisky and more. Saturday evening there will be shows and shows in the still or you can have a snack before or after your stay at the Dancing Cat Saloon.

Catskill in Livingston Manor produces finest beer in a wide range of different tastes. Throughout the year, the company organizes culinary events and dinners in the Catskill region's local cuisine. They can observe the beer making processes, be pampered at the self-service tapping plant or find out more about the beer at the wine topping.

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