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to The Catskills B & B. Stamford, NY. Catchskills B & B - 33 pictures & 12 reviews - Bed & Breakfast - 156 W Main St, Stamford, NY - Telephone number

The inn-keeper, a fellow called Lewis, welcomed us as we entered the area. It would be expected that at a bed-and-breakfast, the owners would just imagine explaining and disappearing the conveniences they provide. That'?s something Lewis doesn't get. This is an old place, I get it, but there has been no effort to maintain it.

I' m guessing that's partly because of Lewis' perverted and skeptical person. to dodge Lewis and his breakfasts. He can try to disprove my criticism, but photos never tell lies. And for the record, with taxes, I was paying $236 for a single hell fuck.

âThis is in reply from Lewis to Essie Z. I must say the experiance became less desirable after I had read this answer. I had no clue what the lodgings were, and I don't mind that Lewis made a mistake and then took us to our real room.

The supper was very long. Had we planned to go on holiday, we would have had to leave before then. Lewis' excentricity made it uncomfortable. Maybe we are not acquainted with the Bed and Breakfast civilization, but we were really looking for a place to rest and get away from it all.

There was a large, cosy room, full of antique furniture, and a bathroom with whirlpool (didn't work), two washbasins and a bath/shower, and a large queen-size cot with comforts. Mealtimes were vegetable and more than enough to fill us. It was just the first one!

We stayed with breakfasts and dinners every evening we were there. He is a great cook who comes up with astonishing cuisines. We' re not vegetarians, but the veggie dishes were so tasty and satisfactory. There was a separate film room, a room with a cosy queen-size double berth and a bath room with tub, bathtub, bidet, whirlpool and two washbasins.

Overall, we enjoyed living at Catskills B & B and would suggest it to anyone who wants to spend a peaceful outing. We' still haven't got a reimbursement or excuse from Hell janitor Lewis Harrision's B&B or Jim Masters from the WELI Home Shopper Show of Hamden, CT (Call Letter for Radio station 960) for the sale of this overpriced rip-off trip, where we were torturing by the rankings of a lunatic who declined to abandon us.

The package contained a "welcome package", a seven-course meal and a complimentary morning cereal. We were given a small portion of egg and two small chunks of oats and loaves of cereal. Supper was made with pickles of vegetable, pickles, soup, sobanudles, and a mashed broccoli saucepan with phyllos. From 1 to 10 the meal was 5, the host was friendly and courteous and the spouse was very conversation.

After we met Lewis, we immediately made the decision not to spend the second evening and he didn't want to pay back our wages, but rather asked us for a loan. Then we began to think about who we could despise for last evening.

He is an asshole and wants you to think he's clever, but he pisses off everything he's seen on Wikipedia. Luckily we didn't want any supper, because the breakfasts were HORRIBLE. I' ve asked for some teas, but Lewis was too preoccupied to talk about how clever he is.

As soon as we were driving up the hillside to the villa (yes - it's a villa with 17 rooms) until we went home on Sunday mornings with a sack of Lewis and Lily's home-made trailer mixture, the week-end was over. On the third storey, we lived in a room that Lewis called "small" on the telephone.

We could see the star at noon! At first I was a little careful with the common bathrooms, and if we had paid the full amount, I would have wished for a personal one, but it worked well. Had we had a en-suite en-suite pool, this B&B would undoubtedly receive 5-star.

I know there are some more pricey rooms with en-suite facilities, but we still had a great time and I really liked our fanlight room. And Lewis and Lilia, the hosts: They were marvellous! If you can get him to talk (which is not difficult to do), my friend said you will soon find out that he is the Catskills of The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Don't mind Lewis's remarks that he's "not a proper cook". "the 9-course menu and our breakfest there indicated the opposite. As for the carnivores, who are sceptical about a vegetable meal: "My friend is a great carnivore, and he really did enjoy the food. Thomas K. is also right: The home-made biscuits for breastfeast are home-made maczing.

I would definitely suggest this B&B for those who want to go hiking or skiing in the area, or just a peaceful rural getaway with lots of good dining and excentric, fun hosting. We had a nice room with a queen sized beds and a bathroom.

Lewis and Lilly are very friendly and inviting. We had a great morning with a lot of fun, good companionship and conversations. I' ve reserved here for my man and myself three month in advanced for a two -night stay in a room with queen-size beds and en-suite bathroom, a full vegeterian full meal every morning, a seven-course culinary get-together with drinks, a gourmet-vegetarian cookery lesson, a welcome package with self-guided touring tickets and a hiking package for 369 dollars per night.

I' ll give you a gastronomic supper with a couple of drinks at no charge. "and patronizingly he gave me lectures on my attitudes and perspectives. So I could handle the common bathroom and even the separated single bed, but be insulted and mistreated?

Thought about going even after we got a room with its own bathroom (after he verified his bookings because "you guys look so grumpy" and found that he had mistaken me for another visitor who hadn't yet arrived), but we did decide to spend the evening and try to make the most of it.

Lewis was open from the beginning why certain things that should not be contained in the packet, such as the welcome packet and the hiking cards. Lewis asked for feedbacks and views on things he wanted to add or do for prospective visitors. The dinner took three full years.

It will appeal to you forever and can be very hard to grasp and do. Apart from the horrible interactions upon our arrival, Lewis was not impolite. I' ve been avoiding the communal areas so I don't have to do too much interacting with Lewis. And the best part of remaining here was to meet the three pairs we had the privilege of shared the home with our first one.

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