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The Holiday Inn Catskill hotels are listed below. Look in Catskill, NY for cheap and inexpensive Holiday Inn hotel rooms for your group or private travel. Post reviews and photos for Catskill Inn. The Caleb Street's Inn, Catskill Picture: in Shandaken, New York, United States of America:

Catskills River Hotel gets a modern makeover

Scribner' s Catskill Lodge has a modern look (and kitchen) and is an excellent place for Hunter Mountain Boarding. While the townspeople head further to the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains to the south, the urbane coolness of Manhattan - and especially Brooklyn - becomes noticeable. Don't look any further than Scribner's Catskill Lodge for evidence.

In 2015, the old deprecated remains of the former guesthouse, which was constructed in 1966, were put to sleep with Glennon Travis and Marc Chodock, a former Soho House hotelmanager and corporate counsel. Situated between a classical skiing hut, a shopkeeper' s hostel and a home spa, there are over 20 hectares to be explored, an open air community area to play, read or drink by the fire and a busy dining area.

The Scribner' s couldn't be more comfortable for downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding - the bulky edwood edifice is opposite the area. Ours, a King Mountain View, was neater and more practical than fur. Woollen carpet, which was placed over the pickled sycamore backs, heated the inside together with handwoven fibrework by the native painter Catskill Kiwi.

Scribner' s Catskill Lodge, 13 Scribner Hollow Road, Hunter, N.Y. ; 518-628-5130 ; mit der Überschrift :

An attractive resort in the Katskills

Loft is our most luxury lodging and is truly a goal in itself. The 3-room apartment in our guesthouse Catskill comprises a lounge with private sun deck, a working fire place, a fully fitted kitchen and an outside barbecue. Next to the lounge there is a Jacuzzi salon with a view of the nearby woods.

The loft also has our biggest and most luxurious guest room with its own chimney, Jacuzzi, private sun deck and king-size sleeping area. To entertain in your apartment, look no further: The lounge and master bedrooms have over 100 HDTV satellites with 27 high-quality cinemas each!

Free Wi-Fi connection is also provided. The loft is equipped with our everyday breakfasts and our facilities and our guests have full day to day contact with our facilities and our guests. Equipped with all our facilities and resorts, this suites in our B&B is also animal safe and offers all our amazing comforts.

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