Catering Halls Westchester Ny

Gastronomy Halls Westchester Ny

Find out more about the breathtaking facilities of the Renaissance Westchester Hotel and plan an unforgettable event. With gourmet catering and our own team of competent event planners. We are looking forward to helping you plan your next event in our beautiful catering area. The Scavello' s Restau is a family business specialising in catering. Free venue search tool for Westchester County, NY.

The Grand Roosevelt Ballroom

On the revitalised Yonkers water front, the Grand Roosevelt Ballroom has housed governors, policy makers and kings. Both Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, were featured at various shows here during Yonkers and Westchester tours that inspire the artfully crafted ornamentation and reverberating two-storey room. Named Roosevelt Ballroom, in honour of the president's lineup, the venue featured performances of the day's protagonists (and actresses) such as Clara Bow and Helen Hayes.

Ballroom was also home to many renowned artists and bands. Today the Grand Roosevelt Ballroom is one of the biggest events and catering establishments in Westchester. The Grand Roosevelt Ballroom is the perfect venue for any kind of events as it is located in Manhattan or Connecticut and has a crew of Cordon Bleu cooks.

Yonkers New York's New York City' most famous monument is the Gran Roosevelt Balloon. This large Beaux Arts styled construction was conceived by G. Howard Chamberlain and constructed in 1904. The huge 30-foot high ceiling hall with its large golden foliage was an integral part of the Yonkers community for years and hosted all kinds of gatherings, celebrations and theatre performances.

White Plains Party Venues, NY - 180 venues

Available only on Saturday and Sunday for 220* harvests on Hudson is in Hastings On Hudson Town - right on the Hudson River in Westchester, Four Star French Restaurant, Luxury Boutique Hotel and Executive Meeting Room in Greenwich, Connecticut. You can use the filtering option to find your Perfect White Plains party location.

Wellcome to Verdi's Premier Catering Halls

Verdi's has earned an irreproachable name as one of the premier catering halls in New York and Long Island. Verdi's offers weddings, social affairs and company functions and has earned a good name for its excellent gastronomy in "restaurant quality" over the last 25 years. Verdis von Westbury and Verdis von Whitestone have both been refurbished and modernised to make the location more upscale.

When you are looking for a catering room, banqueting room, marriage room or welcome room on Long Island or Queens, Verdi's is the ideal place for your next important meeting. Try and feel the differences here at Verdi. An unforgettable celebration should be your weddings, not a stressing one.

If you are booking Verdi's catering room for your weddings, we will take care of all the necessary arrangements. If you are up to the task of choosing the ideal banqueting room for your events, you want a venue that unites atmosphere, good food, outstanding services and pleasant conversation. This is the kind of expertise you can ask of a catering facility that is a Verdi hallmark.

We invite you to explore our website and find out why we have a leading catering name. Please come and see our elegant banqueting and function rooms. Have Verdi's arrange your next big party. Long Island Catering Halls are the ideal location for your events! For more information about our reputations as a Long Island Prime Minister please contact us.

Please click on the contact page for more information on how to book our Long Island Catering Area. We sincerely thank you for considering Verdi's, your Long Island Wedding Reverb, for your next important one.

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