Castle Hotel and Spa Tarrytown

Tarrytown Castle Hotel and Spa

Stolzes Mitglied von Historic Hotels of America et Small Luxury Hotels of the World. A detailed overview of Castle Hotel & Spa in Tarrytown, NY, with current room rates, convincing photos and interesting facts. Newest tweets from Castle Hotel & Spa (@CastleHotelSpa). Book a restaurant at Equus @ Castle Hotel and Spa in Tarrytown, NY.

Schlosshotel und Spa conference room information, conference facilities and amenities.

Palace Hotel & Spa (@CastleHotelSpa)

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Palace Hotel & Spa - Tarrytown NY

Take I-287 (Cross Westchester Expwy) Junction 1, 0.3 w on SR 119, then 0.6 n; opposite the Hackley School entry. Situated on a vast hill with views of the Hudson River. Restuarant, also, Equus, see seperate list, full bars. Fridges, coffee machines, wi-fi access, vaults. A few: High-speed web. 4 pm check-in, 3 days cancelation charge.

Hotel & Spa (Tarrytown, New York) hotel ratings

It is another beautiful example of a hotel whose name says it all. Since locks on the Hudson go, this is perhaps second in size only to West Point, with the distinct virtue that you can examine in to the castle hotel & spa without becoming an Army official in the lawsuit.

But New Yorkers are fired by a likelihood at some lush castle life, a half hour of driving from the town that does not call for a four-year engagement or a deed from one and all. Constructed a hundred years ago as a privately owned home, it was amazing - today it has 31 comfortable rooms, all of which have been thoroughly modernised and are virtually every modern luxurious hotel.

Naturally, they are supported in the personal services section by the remainder of the castle, which never loses any of its charm, and by some carefully selected ancient furnishings, some of which are large old canopy cots. There is a great view from the castle on the hill, and in the beautiful season the patio is enticing.

The Castle Hotel & Spa is only 30 min drive from Manhattan. We' re having trouble getting the ratings for this hotel. I liked the room was beautiful and I particularly liked the additional sinks and washbasin area with the magnification reflector. Which the hotel could do better:

My main problem was the advocacy group. I' ve been there for 3 night and every mornings from 7:00 to 8:30 I went to the cafeteria for a cup of NEVER clean cup of coffe - just cup of tea from the previous night - and every single night I had to sit for 15 - 25 min until they refreshed the cafe.

There were no covers, so you could bring your room without spilt it. Which the hotel could do better: Which the hotel could do better: This is not the kind of services you would want from such a prestigious hotel. Which the hotel could do better: For each room booking a down payment of one overnight is necessary, which will be refunded in case of cancellations under our terms of cancellations.

$10 for each additonal visitor over 10 years old and $10 for each additonal visitor 10 years old and younger. Somebody else took the room you wanted to reserve before we could validate your booking. That was the last room available for your appointments at this hotel.

Good tidings are that the following properties are still available. Somebody else snatched the room/price combination you were trying to reserve before we could validate your booking. It is good to know that the room choices below are still available for your appointments in this hotel.

You can also pick one of the other properties below. Otherwise the other accommodations are also available. The system of this hotel does not seem to be connected at the time. When you are in a rush, we suggest you change your hotel.

Please correct your data. We have an excellent customer service staff ready to help you find the right hotel at the right rate. You have to book more than 1 room in this hotel - there is no room that can take 1 person.

Downstairs are the rooms that can house your whole group in a room. See more properties in Tarrytown: For each room booking a down payment of one overnight is necessary, which will be refunded in case of cancellations under our terms of cancellations. $10 for each further visitor up to 10 years of age and $10 for each more.

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