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Several mayor interventions were made in the edifice to allow this model to be constructed, which included a loosening of the minimal height and the maximal densities or number of allowed entities in a edifice. Carmel Place, now complete, offers 55 loft-like rented apartments in the range of 260-360sf net, supplemented by spacious communal facilities and set a new benchmark for microlifes.

As a new enclosure prototypes in NYC and due to its pioneering module design, the NYC system was carefully monitored. Designed as a micromicrocosm of the urban silhouette, the outside of the edifice is like four slim "mini-towers" that combine the idea of micro-life with the shape and image of the edifice.

The integration of set-backs in the stepped "microtowers" made it possible to adapt the urbane shape of Carmel Place to different locations, at different levels and surface conditions and to almost any place in the group. It was aimed at creating a new societal environment for small homes that emphasised the nesting size of the fellowship rather than that of individuals.

These 11-foot-width" towers" mirror this aim by commemorating the small size without emphasizing single outdoor microphone elements. Using four gray bricks links to the site and places Carmel Place in the long heritage of New York bricks for homebuild.

Eight' high stained glass ceilings in apartments, hallways and staircases are reminiscent of the New York brownstone of the nineteenth centuary, one of the architect's credentials for the building's internal dimensions. Of Carmel Place's 55 rented apartments, 40% (22) are for reasonably priced apartments, 8 of which are reserved for former US veteran homes (these apartments will be equipped with additional built-in furniture).

Completing the models at the beginning of 2016 attracted great interest in Carmel Place and attracted more than 60,000 entries for the 14 available models. 9'-8" ceiling creates a room similar to or larger than a regulated 400ft flat, which, together with the abundance of natural light provided by 8' high skylights and Juliiet balcony, maximises the room's perceptible area.

Supplementary furniture was provided by Ollie through Ollie Properties, an all-inclusive residential property that provides the occupants with furniture and comforts. The Carmel Place community facilities are open to all inhabitants. An oversized, sun-drenched foyer links the pavement of Mt Carmel Place to the south to an outside veranda to the south.

Designed as an inner road, this versatile room could in general be used for a dining event for all inhabitants of the house. The basement has a cave, storeroom, bicycle room and utility room, while on the eighth storey a common room with larder opens onto a rooftop patio overlooking the town.

The rooms typically found in a house are distributed throughout the entire structure so that the occupants can communicate with their neighbours throughout the day. Carmel Place is not only the first New York City residential house, but also the highest module edifice in Manhattan and one of the first multifamily houses in the city.

Carmel Place was built by manufacturing, transporting and piling 65 separate self-supporting structural elements, 55 of which are used as housing and the other 10 as the heart of the build. Finished panels were then moved across the Manhattan Bridge and piled on site for equipment and finish.

The division of the site's structure reduces site disturbance and neighbourhood disturbance, while the factory's inspected surroundings allow the staff to monitor product and meet internal tolerances. Completion of the site was in spring 2016 and the inhabitants began to move on June 1, 2016. From October 2016, the property is fully let.

See "Making Carmel Place" by Antti Seppanen to see the planning and build processes behind Manhattan's first block of flats.

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