Caritas Norwood Hospital

Norwood Caritas Hospital

Doors of Norwood Hospital - 13 pictures & 51 reviews - Hospitals - 800 Washington St, Norwood, MA - Telephone number Nurses were cute. So I went to have my knees x-rayed and the one who took the photos was very cute. When you have a serious disease and this hospital is near you and comfortable...

.. do not go there. Get a better hospital. in a 7 hours timeframe I saw Dr. Nidhi Napoor 1 times (when I arrived there).

At 11 I was fed up and asked the nursing staff (who wasn't much better) to take off the fucking infusion because I wanted to go. I' ve only seen this Nurse twice in a seven-hour window. Only good thing about this hospital were the EMS people. They looked after me from case to case just to speak and tell me to hold out.

that it'?s an ER and that things take a while. However, in 7h to see my sister 2 x and the physician 1 x his totally irrational. Especially when my results were done at 730 to make me maintain nearly 4 additional hrs and then offend my wits by saying that they were just killed when I left its unacceptable.

That pathetic physician doesn't merit being a physician. I had to come here on a Sunday am because I got turned down by an emergency room! It seemed really calm and sluggish, but I had to wait an hours and a half for Dr. Lein - something that took exactly two and a half with me and sent me home with an antibiotic and 15 pills of Tylenol and coceine.

It never came back into the room; the nursing took her in and sliced me off when I tried to get another painkiller (codeine makes me a worthless, dozy zombie), and I was busy with relieving my pains, yes, but relieving me when I had to do paperwork!

I' ve had 3 trials and an outstanding team. Norwoods' analgesics department was imprecise when I checked my medical website. I had no clue that they would shut at 3:30 pm and my physician was there ONLY on FRIDAYS and you can't switch physicians. I gathered a ton of information from me on my first appointment, but the physician didn't do a medical examination.

However, I said that I had back and nape pains and they only took an x-ray of my throat. So I asked if it was okay to have something shipped to me.... we were immediately released and I had to go to Beth Isreal Deconess in Needham for more health treatment for my back and headaches so they could give me PT to alleviate the stress and pains of the wound-trauma I suffer.

Sometimes they ignored arriving humans so they could end their dialog. Then the PA said: "Because of the poor workmanship of the single-use instrument the hospital uses, they often don't work the way they should. Made you think what is it about the hospital, the human being or the profits?

They' re not human. Keep away from this hospital. Luckily my E.R. history is limited, but I had to report another unhappy Norwood time. I' m under retraction now and on three contraceptives. We sat here for about an hours (assuming I know that clinics have computers and are busy), we were at last seen by a physician.

We waited for another one hour and got an x-ray, which took us another 2 hours to get a new one. I can see there are more important things with humans. All the while we were sitting here listening to a nursing woman named Alyssa bath talkies, sworn every other thing on the telephone, made a joke of her condition and didn't call them by their name or room number, but what was not right with them, things like "schizophrenia type" and "the big fat guy" and such impolite things.

As she sits there and says all these things, another doctor comes and says sarcastically: "That way and there" is back and she laughs, and she is willing to commit suicide. Hospitals are places where you should help a person, not just sit around and make jokes about them.

I' d rather be killed on VWF Park Road to get to Boston Hospital than come here. It is the Community College of Hospital. Just a 30-minute ride and you'll have the best hospital in the world. There is no comparison in the supply chain. It really is a great hospital. Our physicians are listening to you and taking good note of your needs.

It' obvious everyone who works at this hospital knows what they're doing. I went to the ER at Norwood Hospital for retiring from the fitness center. I was able to leave, but it was a great deal of hurt. You didn't do any x-rays, MRIs, or any other tests.

A 99283 was charged by the contract doctor, which seemed appropriate due to the type of work the PA did, but the hospital charged a 99284, which would give the appearance that the attendance was of moderately high sophistication. All the hospital did was put me in a room where I sat for an hours just to get a prescrip.

In all honesty, I do not believe that they have properly accounted for the maintenance they have provided. I' d suggest everyone go to Norwood Hospital to check what they charge and understanding the encoding they use. 99283 would have been much more appropriate, considering how little the hospital actually did. He came in with a sore back and beamed up to my wrist, which I couldn't move.

I had a lot of grief and couldn't move my arms at all. The only thing they did is give me that shot now for the hurt I was telling them he didn't work and then they tell me some shitty blotches you put on your hide that you can get OTC and don't do crap for the ache.

and all they could do was put it off for a road injury I had six mouth-- He didn't even come all the way into the room where he was speaking to me from the door and went further as I tried to ask questions.

Hopefully, the unfortunate part is that I had a poor experiance here a few years ago and I thought it would be different this year. No, don't, just go away or go somewhere else. All of them, from the check-in desk to my nursing staff and my physician, were amazing souls.

They don't want to make an appointment without confirming your money, but they moved me back and forth, spoke about me, didn't respond to my question, and essentially treat me like a tramp, speaking to me as if I were a kid and essentially refuse to help me.

I think a nursing woman, her name is Erin, is a hot woman with a fun person. Elderly men die on both sides. One Monday with a bad stomach ache. Every nursing staff member who took care of me was extraordinary during this period. You' re not coming to Norwood Hospital to relax. Mostly I didn't have any solids there, but when I did, it was OK.

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