Cape may Getaways

May Cape Getaways

You might want to take a weekend trip at the Grand Hotel in Cape May NJ. Cape May, NJ is a charming seaside resort with Victorian buildings and picturesque tree-lined streets that provide an idyllic setting for a romantic holiday. View our tips for the best romantic excursions in Cape May NJ. Romantic excursions for couples in Cape May New Jersey. Get reviews for Cape May, N.

J. Family Holidays.

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Autumn is a beautiful period to explore the coast. You might want to take a trip to the Grand Hotel in Cape May NJ for a week-end. It is here on Jersey beach that the second seasons begins at the end of the saturday. Mobs of people on the banks during the high seasons may not be suitable for everyone.

There is a more relaxed ambience than in the year. They may be looking for an intimate couple week-end trip. The Grand is the ideal place to spend valuable seasonal leisure with your important partner. Have a piece of Cape May Stage at The Robert Shackleton Playhouse.

Whichever one you prefer, a week-end trip in Cape May has both. Bicycle hire is available in The Grand, so you can drive through the city and enjoy the beautiful victorian style while you move. You know, if you've ever been to the Jersey Shore during the hotter seasons, you' ll know that the road can be a little hectic.

In the second year it is a piece of cake to travel further away. Get in the vehicle and make a brief drive to Cape May Zoo. You can also enjoy a walk through the many beautiful antiques stores in Cape May and the nearby countryside looking for this unique gem. It is no mystery that holiday resorts usually provide specific week-end excursion package deals during the low seasons and the Grand Hotel in Cape May is no stranger.

Maybe you'll even find that you like the second series more. Grand Rhapsody is offering many week-end excursion packs, among them Grand Rhapsody week-end excursions from the end of September to mid-November 2018. It is a great 3 days/2 nights trip, ideal to chill out, chill out and go home fresh. There are many other great deals available all year round.

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