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Fallafel from The Taste of Cambridge. Begin the day with a tour through the heart of Cambridge - its colleges. Only a short drive from London makes Cambridge an ideal day trip from the capital. Maps and information for Cambridge, a leisurely day trip from London. Celebrate a day trip to the world-famous university city of Cambridge.

Holidays 1 day Guide to Visiting Cambridge

London's central railway terminal serving Cambridge is King's Cross. King's Cross St. Pancras is one of my favorite places in the whole wide globe, especially because it is the home of Eurostar, which can take me to Belgium to see my wife and daughter in just two short but also because it is such a nice bit of architectural work.

There are two areas of the station: Saint-Pancras International et Croix du Roi. The Eurostar, East Midlands Railways, Southeastern and ThamesLink have their departures at St. Pancras International. Inside there are many stores and canteens where you can await the arrival of your platoon. King's Cross has recently been completely overhauled and also operates services to northern England and Scotland.

It used to be a crowded, nasty and bewildering railway terminal, but today it is light and roomy and a blend of old and new architectonic beauties. In contrast to the Oxford trip, the trip to Cambridge was calm. This was a relaxed trip where we enjoyed our (not so healthy) croissant and warm choclate breakfasts we used to buy at King's Cross.

It felt a little old and didn't seem very well-groomed. It has no electrical outlets, but since the trip only lasts 45 minutes, you don't really need them. The National Express has itineraries to Cambridge, but the fare is not necessarily lower than the rail (if you get off too long you will end up having to pay more than the train) and it will take over 2 hrs to get to Cambridge.

I do not suggest the coach, however, as the speed of the trains is much higher and the price increases according to the journey times. Do you want to be in Cambridge?

Cambridge Day Trip

Well, Cambridge may be the best day out of London. Cambridge is a day trip to a rich source of historic sites, picturesque roads and fine architecture that have become renowned over the years. And, with the best traffic connections from the centre of London, you can drive past the world-famous Cambridge University College in about an hours.

Although Cambridge has been an important commercial center since the Romans, the city became known in the medieval period with the founding of the renowned college. Cambridge Univeristy, one of the most renowned places of study in the whole wide globe, was created in 1209 when some Oxford teachers escaped after a quarrel with the citizens.

Today, the town' s centre is the campus, its student population and its many fine universities. Carmbridge is a small town and within walking distance. Begin your Cambridge trip by ascending the 123 stairs of the Great St Mary's Towers at the 800-year-old Great St Mary's Kirche opposite King's Colleges.

A lot of folks come to Cambridge just to see this exceptional edifice - the King's College chapels. Fractured by the mediaeval stained-glass window, the lighting in the hermitage is amazing. When you' re in Cambridge, of course, you have to punt. They can try to sail the River Cam on their own, but I strongly suggest a punt ride.

Lean back and unwind in the stunt while your tour leader does all the heavy work on the ship and tell you tales about the town and its people. One of the highlights is the glide under the city's renowned footbridges, among them the Sighs and Mathematical Orcs.

Drive to the Magdalene Bridge and you will find regular departures from 09:00 am until the night. Ceilings are available in summer to make you feel comfortable on your trip. Cambridge Cruises take you past many of the city's renowned universities. Each of the 31 University of Cambridge College has a 800-year long tradition of uniquely rich past, architectural and historical heritage.

Many of the universities can be visited and visited throughout the year, although in May there are often limitations when taking their graduation examinations. These are some of my favorite schools in Cambridge: In 1509, one of the oldest and biggest collages in Cambridge, St. John's, was established by Lady Margaret Beaufort, the dam of King Henry VII.

Your coat of arms will appear above the collegiate front door. Claimed by William Wordsworth (and my grandfather!) among his alums, the colleges flank both sides of the River Cam. They are connected by the incredibly nice Sighbridge, called after the eponymous Venice Brigde. The St. John's Chapel was created by Sir George Gilbert Scott, who was inspired by Sainte Chappelle in Paris.

He has residencies on both sides of the Cam and is renowned for his Great Court (picture above), Wren Library and illustre University. Besides the Gothic band, King's College is also definitely a worthwhile visit. Literature giants such as E. M. Forster and Salman Rushdie and the outstanding mathematical genius Alan Turing were King's undergraduates.

At the end of most punt rides, the Mathematical Bridges are part of Queens' Collegium building. Unjustifiably called the work of Isaac Newton, the viaduct was constructed after his demise, but still remained one of the city's symbols. Queens' Collegium is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and one of its graduate scholars.

They can attend the school - go to their website for information on the school. Carmbridge is a town with so much story and story behind every brick and mortar barrier. The Cambridge walk provides high quality and expert guidance (often former collegiate students) behind the curtains of the 800-year-old campus and the town.

Dinner in one of the many bars in Cambridge. During our last trip to Cambridge we had dinner at The Punter as our punt pilot suggested and just before the end of our trip. Their Cambridge trip would not be completed without a walk along the Cam River in the area known as the Backs.

It is a wonderful place where the city's most scenic college extends from the Magdalena to Silver Street overpass. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (known as The Round Church), one of only four preserved mediaeval round churches in England, is an important symbol in Cambridge that is not connected to the Universiys.

It' s just a stop to see the symmetrical structure made of the same lime stone used throughout the town. The Fitzwilliam is a must if you have a little more free day or if the wheather is not good. It is a magnificent place to be.

It takes about an hours by rail from London to Cambridge and is even faster if you take the fast trains. From London it is also simple to reach us via the highway A11. When you have added Cambridge to your UK route, there is so much to do in the area that I suggest you stop for a few extra workdays.

Lovers of historical sights will be able to take a trip to Sutton Hoo, where they can see one of England's most important archeological places. You can' t defeat Bury St Edmunds an hours drive eastwards of Cambridge for a perfectly good city. Cambridge, I think, is a perfectly day trip from London. Combine a walk along the river and a relaxing meal in a real British bar and a day of culture in Cambridge will be a high point of every trip in England.

In all honesty, I think you could stay much longer than a day in Cambridge and still discover tales. Did you visit this lovely town? Do you have a favorite colleague in Cambridge?

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