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Ca'Mea - the name means house in Italian - serves fine northern Italian cuisine with fresh salads, seafood, paninis and pasta dishes. Ca' Mea Restaurant and Inn, Hudson, NY. Obtain menu, photos and location information for Ca'Mea Ristorante in Hudson, NY. This is the inn in Ca' Mea: You want to visit Ca'Mea in Hudson?

Ca'mea - 39 pictures & 93 votes - Italian - 333 Warren St, Hudson, NY - Restaurant ratings - Telephone number

It was very nice, but a little slower, which seems to be the standard in Hudson, so I appreciate you can't really thump it. Overall we were enjoying our Ca'Mea trip, I think the meal was definitely one of the better ones we had in Hudson and we would like to come back.

One more 5 star Hudson reviewer for a character who is living a little further northerly but deserves so well. Yes, it is Italo, no, it is not a typical redsauce, although there are more tender nurses to the products of the redsauce, but made with high class and taste. Like it is my custom, every course was coupled with a good glass of good vine and every bit was tasty, broth to almonds.

One of my favorites about Ca Mea is the fact that they have an additional desk for the price of your head money you order, they will give you an additional seat for your purse and briefcase, and they will take the meal as guided, that is, that I do not like to be chased, often to an extremist high.

They are always excellently staffed - too young to know exactly what they describe, but trained by the restaurants in eating and drinking, as I was in my adolescence, certainly good enough to make a dish with a good delineation that is not disappointed in Person, as well as totally enchanting luncheon services.

Beautiful ltalian Ristorante and dogsfriendly. There is a very beautiful terrace in the back of the chalet, which is peaceful and has small to medium-sized cats. It was an exceptional meal and great customer care. During the meal we had barbecued grill smoked lox, barbecued chickens and canap├ęs.

Very recommendable if you are looking for a high-quality Italien cuisine. because we had Celebrity Points and wanted to remain in Hudson Valley. Barmanager advised Ca'mea. It'?s an outstanding option. Great dining and services. lf we are ever back in Hudson, we will return. A very beautiful place with genuine and delicious Italien cuisine!

Good meals and services. We' ve had some aubergine and clam fillets. We had our first meal in Hudson, which was characteristic of the remainder of my experience in the area; great dining and services. At the first entry to our departure we were looked after by a kind employee.

The people of Ca'mea were a gang of gangsters on the beautiful back terrace, but they were treating us like kings. It was an extraordinary meal and the meal was great to have. I and my wives came to Ca'mea, excited by the view of an ltalian festival. Ladys, the lox and the sheep. Excellent eating and drinking.

It was unbelievable. A very good level of customer care! That meal was fantastic. Served with paninis and caprese salad - both delicious! 4 of us were eating there on the weekend....the Raviolis dish our boyfriend said tastes like ragu, and the specially squeezed chickens were terrible - it was like 3 small chickens' bones squeezed down and coated with a "brown" creamy China-styled sauce...the Caesar salad was quite insipid, anchovy not even on offer, and the supper was generally much more footsie than one would expect.......

Delicious meals, tasty servings, thoughtful and obliging personnel, pleasant, informal atmoshere. Excellent! Wonderful meals, good rates, very kind and welcoming personnel. It was definitely very good meal, in fact the canard I ordered was astonishing. As many Hudson venues try to be sophisticated, the level of customer care is far below expectations.

It was my first visit to Hudson, NY and all I can say is wow. He was an awesome provider with great referrals. That was an all-round successful one. Marvellous services. Eat... more. For my part, I think this is a big potato in a small lake. Then we had supper and the employees came with freshly baked paper and sandwiches.

but indifference and bad customer support cannot be accepted. Ca'Mea is a well-known local pub, situated on the ever-growing Warren Street in Hudson. In the last 10 years Hudson has come a long way and has added some great restaurants and shops throughout the Hudson area.

Ca'Mea has a wide range of fine cuisine and is a great place for a date or just for a drinks with mates. While the dimmed elevator area gives it a very psychedelic feeling, it is almost too dark on some evenings. I had a friend who ordered the smoked pollock, mashed potatoes and vegetables, and for me the knuckle of pigs, which came with a side of potatoes and toffees.

As far as I'm concerned, the knuckle of pork is a very large serving, with a very daring but great tast. Ca'Mea is a lovely place to eat in Hudson.

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