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Howevertermilk Inn

Latest Reviews for Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa: "Incomparable as ever." This is our second journey to Buttermilk Falls. Nice B&B. It is my 4th visit to Buttermilk and every single event was the best of the best. Every single one of them I was amazed by the nice rooms and the friendly people.

The Buttermilk Falls Inn offered us the ideal place to unwind, make up for lost ground and just get to know the things around us.

It was a wonderful hut where we slept. It'?s gorgeous! Beloved the room where we lived in Winterberry. Tasty home-made breakfasts including. Amazing break in the Hudson Valley. Henry's, the Farm-To-Table-Restaurant on the premises, offers really tasty cuisine. Even the breakfasts and the teas in the inn are really good.

Buttermilk Falls was an extraordinary place to be. And the Grand Laurel room was roomy and pretty. Dinner at the inn was delicious. Gorgeous accommodation and excursion to the bath! I had a great time! Chimney and bathtub made the visit even more soothing. There is a nice place to relax in the hot water, the swimming pools are a little chilly and small, but the steaming water and saunas offer a sweat room and then at the swimming pools with a fantastic view... the alternating but always great afternoons and the breakfasts every day are great good from your baker.

Henry's place on the premises is also great, but it has room for the stunning deserts we just forgot and will be returning for. Picturesque and comfortably B and B. Very observant personnel. Superb free breakfasts and lunches. Henry's has a great menue and a great winesitem. And Buttermilk Falls was a great simple escape from the town.

The rain was almost all our time, so we couldn't see much outside, but the view was nice. It was a fantastic place and a great time. It was a party for my partner's birthday...and we enjoyed taking part in a delicious lunch organised by the local Henry's at the Farm café.

It was a very attractive place and all the personnel were great. I had a nice anniversary week-end there! Accommodation was in the Winterberry Room, which was wonderful, but next night might have made one of the most remote terraces. It was a great early mornin' outfit! It is a great place to remain and do a lot of work on the plot.

Well, we had a tasty dinner at Henry's. Can' t even describe how nice the Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa really is. Me and my husbands chose to make a short trip from New York, and outside of how near it was to the city, the Inn's charms (not to speak of the unbelievable restaurant) were an event we will never forget. Even if we were to go on a short trip from New York, the Inn's charms (not to speak of the unbelievable restaurant) were an unforgettable one.

Nice time. Nice and calm. An enjoyable and pleasant holiday! Buttermilk was just for a little bit of a night's sleep, it could have been more. It is a wonderful estate and in autumn quite stunning. It was a great cup of coffee, as was the cereal. It'?s a nice place. I had a marvellous supper at Henry's and next day's breakfasts were tasty.

Our favourite is our brief sojourn there. The breakfast was tasty and the employees treated us very well. We' re definitely gonna go back! Everybody was nice and supportive. Henry's local restoration was exquisite and well thought out with season produce cultivated on the local farms.

I had a fantastic time at the Buttermilk Falls Inn. It is a wonderful place and the employees are very kind and courteous. Terrain is quiet and nicely paved. The only compliance I have is that the personnel doesn't seem to be professional. When we came in from a trip, the waitress was clothed sloppily at bed and bale, and the waitress asked what kind of loaf he was eating, we were hardly recognized.

All of buttermilk Fall Inn's experiences. Our room (Jupiter) was beautiful with a beautiful look at the terrain. Our personnel was adjusted to our needs. The employees were marvelous and supportive. Dinner was amazing. Butter Milk falls inn is a great place to spend the night in the Hudson Valley.

Everything we liked about the inn, especially the terrain and the cuisine. Recently we had a lovely time at Buttermilk Falls Inn. There is a lovely countryside and gardens. Henry's on the farm supper was great, and it was comfortable to have an extraordinary place to eat on the premises.

We had a good and varied breakfasts. We had a beautiful stroll through the area up to the Hudson. Cases are cute. Henry's place was very good. Eating crisp and friendly cuisine. Beautiful surroundings. Magnificent personnel and accommodation. The best was having a good cup of coffee and a good cup of tea! Mixture of old Inn, large contemporary spas, first class restaurants, superb personnel services and good humour with saved pets nearby.

Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa raises the standard. A long and hard working days at the site of the King Art Center. Jacuzzi was exactly what the doc ordered! And breakfasts? Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa. All about Buttermilk Falls was excellent, from the observant personnel, the nice park, the various conveniences up to a really excellent Henry's innstaurant.

You will always remember this visit to the Inn & Spa. Great place to be! Visit the inn last months for the pair of tequila dinners in the shed and the whole trip was great. Every thing from afternoons to fresh a la cart breakfasts. Buttermilk seems to be more and more fun to be with.

Terrain was in early vernal season. We had a delicious early mornin' cereal and the wheather was great. It'?s nice and quiet. I had a great time at the Buttermilk Falls Inn, very relaxed. Have a nice week-end.... So I felt so stunned by the urban lifestyle and had to chill out, so I picked the Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa after doing research on the web.

Inn is wonderful and the service is flawless. Couldn't have asked for a better time. Nice place! Surroundings are nice, the personnel are friendly and the meals were good. Buttermilk Inn is a wonderful place, even in the midst of nowhere! Just spend a day of the week tonight at the nice Buttermilk Falls Inn.

Enjoying unbelievable massage at the Spa and a tasty supper at Henry's Restaurant. The breakfast the next day was great, especially the many unbelievable bakery products that were made locally. Normally we remain in Mohonk, and that was a nice break, half the costs for it. Our employees were superb and made us look like royalty.

On the first morning there was a swimming hole issue and they adapted our bill accordingly. Pleased about the visit, all extraordinarily kind, tried to make our visit as enjoyable as possible. Henry is a little expensive, but the bakery that is associated with them was so sensible and the meal delicious.

Don't move! Buttermilk Inn & Spa was chosen for our vacation and we were not inferior. Even the afternoons ( inclusive nice snacks!) quickly became a must. We were very happy to be here, but the dinner at Henry's was awful, especially for the third prize we bought. However, the Buttermilk Inn breakfasts were fantastic, it was the best dinner of the evening and the services were fantastic.

Extremely welcoming and welcoming personnel, nice rooms, splendid swimming pools, Turkish bath and spas, as well as an exquisite Henry's style dining room. Fantastic accommodation for Christmas time. It was a place of tranquillity and the personnel were supportive and alert. Gastronomy was very good and made to order, and the terrain is nice and well-tended.

Well, the staff's great. Henry's has a terrific lunch! and we went to Henry's for a tasty supper. Excellent views, good cuisine, nice rooms. Only Buttermilk Falls was all we could have expected for a week-end trip - near the town, near our child's campsite and yet isolated.

Attractive surroundings, sophisticated conveniences and magnificent panoramas. It' s so quiet, the services are great, the spas are excellent and the meals (both at breakfasts and in the local restaurant) are great. Excellent real estate, great view of the Hudson, spa and dining and breakfast were excellent. Nice park and a relaxed ambience.

Personnel were polite and supportive. It was all good, and we'll be going for sure. Buttermilk was a very good place for my spouse and I, we plan to return sometime in autumn. It was a pleasure to visit the site. Personnel (espeically Olivia) was very supportive. Very kind and proffesional personnel.

Nice surroundings and terrain. It rained one rainy afternoon, but we had the sudden enjoyment of using the chimney in July, and the next morning the amazing buttermilk falls themselves fell. This guesthouse and its premises are really nice. It' s a great place and the people were amazing. It was really looking forward to living at Buutermilk Falls Inn & Spa, but I must say the whole thing wasn't very impressive.

Reception staff weren't very familiar with the things they had to do in the general area, there was a hairy bath room (which clearly didn't mean it had been well cleaned), the sleeping room area seemed a little run down, outside a "shabby, chic" atmosphere, and the services in Henry's slower and more careless manner.

The other way around, the floors are nice. With Buttermilk we had very restful 2 day stay - we remained in Sage left which was small but very cozy. We had a great time both at Henry's for our breakfasts and teas. When you need a few decompression treatments, I strongly suggest buttermilk!

It was another great time at Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa! So we had face treatments, wandered, had lunch at Henry's, tasted our breakfasts and teas at the Inn. Overnight we spent in Sweet Basil and the room was as nice as the view - a different one around every nook! Nice place to be.

Stay in buttermilk on one June nights. Checking in and out was a breeze, and our early breakfasts were excellent. Looking out from the breakfasts room onto the Hudson on a bright summer evening was stunning. Beautiful B&B with large plot and beautiful personnel. I had a fantastic lunch and supper.

It was a great place to unwind, eat good meals and the surrounding area is so nice! Gorgeous accommodation! We' ve been staying twice now and have loved our sojourn. Nice dinner. All the people we encountered were extremely caring, agreeable and anxious to make our visit simple, convenient and very enjoyable.

Terrific sojourn! Pleasant personnel! Superb cuisine! Henry's place is really good. We had a great time at Buttermilk Fall Inn. It was a beautiful night at the buttermilk cases, the employees were all very alert, the terrain was beautiful. Also we had a very good supper at the local restaurants.

This room was incredibly nice! Splendid hours, very relaxed. Massage for both of us after we've sat in the fun and eaten well at Henry's. Well, we also loved running around the compound. Nice terrain & situation, great rooms and personnel. Splendid little inn. I was enjoying a vacation over Thanksgiving. Terrain is very nice and the views of the Hudson are a plus.

The rooms are cosy and hot and the breakfasts were delicious. But the only objection was that the fitness machines were quite old and restricted and they loved to explore the well kept area and see the native game. The Riverknoll building, which was wonderful and offered a breathtaking view of the Hudson, was hired. The guesthouse is only a few minutes away by foot for your breakfasts.

Couldn't have been kinder with the waitresses eating, and the meal was awesome. All that' not right about our trip is that it wasn't long enough! Nice park, nice spas, great breakfasts and dinners. Restaurant at the Inn was tasty and the employees were extremely kind and courteous.

That Inn is wonderful and I'd be back in a second! Nice trip! It'?s a nice place to relax! Terrific breakfasts and teas every day. Breathtaking reasons to discover. Pleasant, supportive personnel.... Food in Henry's (local restaurant) was delicious, but the waiters could have been better.

There is also an excellent continental meal for breakfasts and teas. There is also a beautiful swimming pools and spas. Beautiful place to relax and take a walk. The captain's room is the smallest and least appealing room, so don't be there. Nice 3 o'clock cup of coffee with tasty biscuits just made.

Henry's local eatery with tasty farmer-salad. All in all a nice, relaxed excursion. The recent visit to Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa was just fine. He had a nice room in the house, the terrain is nice and the services were high. Enjoy a fabulous Farms to Table meal at the On-Site Henry's Dining at the Farms.

Tasty rich breakfasts and a lovely addition to an evening cup of teal. and buttermilk was the ideal place. It was a small room, but lovely, the terrain was flawless and wonderful. Henry's and the dinner and services were great. Lovely surroundings to enjoy a peaceful week-end excursion.

Delicious meals and services. The room was wonderful and the estate was stunning! Locally the local eatery was superb. Dinner was great. Henry's meal was surprising and inexpensive. It' s a wonderful place and the massage was great. Love the site and the sojourn together. There was only one overnight stop, but we really enjoy our brief period at Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa. Here we had a great deal of fun.

It was a quiet area with small animals, open spaces and waterfalls. Enjoying our informally teated lunch and dinner. It'?s really nice here. Dinner was fantastic. We had a wonderful booth. Me and my missus were enjoying our short visit. Otherwise it is a great hiding place and the complex is picturesque and quiet.

For a great week-end the area, the food was close to the town. Our breakfasts and teas were delicious. It was not good so we didn't have much spare tire to walk around the area. All I could complain about was the eating out. Well, my dinner came in really chilly and could have been better.

From a farm to a dinner place, it wasn't what I thought it would be. Servicing in the restaurants was outstanding. Personnel were inviting and supportive, and breakfast was fantastic. It was a wonderful area (although I'm sure this is all the more the case when there is no more snow!) Henry's offered unbelievable dinner (we had three meals there!) and we liked to visit the ducks, gooses, llamas and asses on the area.

We had a very quiet, restful holiday and we will definitely come back! Nice buttermilk! The room and the inn in general are nice. The personnel are kind and thoughtful. The supper at Henry's was great.

Me and my man don't often stick around at high-end places or retreats, but after years of going to Buttermilk Falls, we eventually made the journey. Henry's place was very good, as was the ship's lamp, which was a few kilometres away. There is a beautiful swimming pools, saunas and Turkish baths in the area.

The breakfast was very good. Henry's place is top-notch. My bride was taken to the Buttermilk Falls for one overnight during the whole working day of our centenary. Everybody in the inn, eatery and spas was amazed from the moment they check in until they leave. Excellent meals were served from both the inn and the café.

Pretty place, but maybe a little expensive? Howevertermilk Falls star is its outward appearance. However, the wait was great - both the teas and breakfasts were great and Henry's served a really good dinner. Buttermilk Falls Inn is a great place to relax for a few relaxing evenings, such as a long week-end.

Superb accommodation and cuisine. Henry's is a very good place to dine and enjoy without leaving the premises. I can' t wait to get back... to the Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa! We stayed way too little. It took us more elapsed hours to discover our lovely environment and make love with the magnificent beasts.

The breakfast was excellent and the supper at Henry's was cheap in comparison to nice New York and Fairfield County, CT cafes. We plan a longer holiday for the next season and warmly recommend it to your relatives and acquaintances. Is it a good eating place with a good farmyard? Nice rooms with chimneys? It is a great place to eat and the terrain is as quiet, quiet and untouched as you can get.

I and my husbands took a midweek trip to the Hudson Valley and stayed in the juniper room. It was a large and scenic area. Also our supper and breakfasts in the Inn were quite good. Excellent breakfasts and lunch teas. Wonderful complex, sophisticated spas and swimming pools, and nice personnel.

The room was enormous, the breakfasts were fairly, the services at the breakfasts were fairly. The local eatery was fine. It is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind area, among them a farmstead with lamas and peacocks as well as a private park. Much of the ingredient in the breakfasts and in Henry's - the on-site dining room - comes from the home gardens.

and our dinner was extraordinary. Looking forward to another visit. All of our experiences at Buttermilk Falls Inn were outstanding. The breakfast was tasty! Well, we had dinner at Henry's and that was very good. Superb customer care! I had a beautiful time in Buttermilk. There was a great area, the catering and the personnel were great and the room was flawless when we got there.

Butter milk Falls Inn and Spa is adorable! Carefully maintained and creative, the site offered a great place to take a walk and unwind. All employees were very welcome. One of the high points of our holiday was our visit. I and my man had a peaceful and quiet period in this beautiful place.

Lovely view, great services, lovely rooms, comfort. It was a great weekend in Buttermilk and we are looking forward to our homecoming. The breakfast was tasty. The local eatery was good, but not great. It was a real gem, the area with the local beasts. At Buttermilk Falls, my fiancé and I couldn't have been more happy!

Enjoying the comforts of our room, our breakfast in the mornings and the friendliness and friendliness of our people. "We were now 2x in the inn and really enjoy our sojourn. It is a wonderful position, the rooms are picturesque, neat and cozy. Henry is a very good meal, a pleasant ambience and couldn't be more comfy.

We' re staying at buttermilk. Nice lodgings.... Love the place.... The employees were so kind and supportive.... Butter milk surpassed our expectation in every respect. The room, the estate, the friendly welcome, the lovely afternoons, Henry's (for lunch) and the spas were all very much to our liking. Resturant Mo-Di shut. I really liked this place and will definitely come back, but I feel that our holiday has been affected because the place is shut from Monday to Thursday and the swimming pools are inaccessible to our kids. Nice inn, ideal position. Arena is simply great!

I and my fiancée had a relaxed and invigorating week-end at Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa. Employees couldn't have been more supportive and kind. Terrain is pristine with good walking paths from which you can enjoy a beautiful view. Book a supper for Henry's on the Farms - it's a great place.

Cherished to explore the area. Every day a tasty buffet style buffet comes inclusive. One evening he had supper at Henry's on the premises - also tasty. Not only is this place nice, but the services are also excellent. It'?s a great place, and so is the place. It'?s the porridge for your sake. It's dying.

Do not want to miss this beautiful environment! Personnel were kind, supportive, really avoiding them. It was a wonderful room and the terrain is definitely something to be explored. HENRY'S the local eatery is excellent. Servicing is great, breakfasts are good and the estate is fantastic.

Well, it was a good journey for us to have our breakfasts. He was eating at Henry's place. Recently my spouse and our two puppies remained in Buttermilk Falls, what a nice and quiet place! Terrain is pristine and quiet. We have a great place to eat on the premises. All I could have hoped for in an over-night. Juniper room was great, personnel were on their way to put us in with a special baked anniversary pie, the spa was great, and the food and services were excellent.

Beverages were great. On a winter wonderland the terrain was a lot of pleasure.

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