Brunch Hudson Ny

Hudson Ny Brunch

This is Hudson Valley's first and only board game café! Mary, Bloody Maria, white or red sangria or a frozen margarita with brunch. The Red Dot Restaurant & Bar, Hudson, NY. Hasings on Hudson, NY. Call: Washing your late brunch with the crisp Bordeaux Blanc from Château La Rame.

Hudson Valley's First and Only Board Game Cafe!

This is Hudson Valley's first and only board game café! You will find us on the intersection of Columbia and 8th Street in Hudson, NY. We are open in the morning (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays) to take away or have lunch, with a rich meal and our coffee and tea leaves.

Our menus include lettuces, snacks, sandwiches and frappés for lunches and all the time. Recently we have added a widening range of wine, beer, cider and sake; we have also introduced a dining meal and prolonged our opening times into the dark. There is also a full-time snack and we can sometimes ship to Hudson stores - we recommend you call in advance to place your order.

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