Broadway Mall

The Broadway Mall

The Broadway Commons, is a large shopping center in Hicksville, New York, USA. Do they have Macy's at Broadway Mall? Detailed interactive map of the Broadway Mall in Hicksville.

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The Broadway Commons, is a large mall in Hicksville, New York, USA. Initially an open-air mall named Mid-Island Plaza, Broadway Mall is now a local mall with more than 85 shops, a grocery and a cinema. The shops in the mall are IKEA, Macy's and Target.

Gertz, a Jamaican Queens city centre shopping centre, and a division of the then Allied Stores Corporation designed the centre and constructed a five-storey shop to house the complex. In the early 1980s, Gertz shut down its business in Jamaica city centre, and this site became its new flagship boutique, and Gertz Group employees were moved to the fifth storey of Broadway Mall.

Meanwhile, in mid-1982, Allied consolidated its Gertz business unit with Paramus, New Jersey. At the beginning of 1983, all former Gertz sites were renamed Stern's, and a local workforce stayed at Broadway Mall. It was renamed Macy's in 2001 when the Federated Department Stores formed their Stern's Divison.

IKEA opened its second shop in New York's Metropolitan Area in the shopping mall (The Elizabeth, NJ Shop opened in 1990) in 1991. Up until 2003, the shop was not linked to the shopping centre (although it was only about 20 steps away from the shop). IKEA, however, held an exhibition in the Centre Courts, where the shopping centre was located.

This is currently one of the few IKEA shops linked to a mall with an entry. Vornado Realty Trust acquired Broadway Mall in 2005, expanding its existing range of malls across the state. 4 ] Vornado later sells the mall to a partner managed by KKR in 2014 as part of a scheme to close its state malls.

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