Bratislava Day Trip

Day trip to Bratislava

Do you only have one day to spend in Bratislava and do not know what the most important things to do, to see, to eat and to buy are? Bratislava Travel is a local tour operator with a long tradition. One day trip from Vienna to Bratislava. Don't miss the opportunity to visit another European capital, the beautiful city of Bratislava in Slovakia. One hour from Vienna lies Bratislava with its beautiful city centre.


Do you only have one day to stay in Bratislava and don't know what the most important things to do, to see, to buy and to food? This is a short tutorial to help you enjoy a classical day in Bratislava and to get the most experience. 09:00 a.m. walking to St. Martin's Cathedral, taking some fine photos in its pretty appearance, walking in and definitely the subterranean tombs - they are stunning!

09:45 take the oldest road of Bratislava, Kapitulská road, which leads to our smallest road, Ba?tova road, to get to Michael's Gates. A stroll to the Michael Storm for a stunning view: 10:15 a. m. to Biela St. and to Bratislava's oldest store, which is also a small commercial free of charge museuseum.

Purchase a "bratislavsky rozok" for your snacks - it is a Bratislava bread rolls stuffed with either poppies or crushed walnuts. 13:15 Go to Obchodná St, find the Slovak pub and order Kofola (Slovak Coca Cola version) or Zlatý bá?ant (Slovak beer), take the apple broth and our delicious halusky for dinner (our typical meal) and then ingest it with a dash of Slivovica (our delicious liqueur with the flavour of plums).

14:30 return to Hod?ovo Square to take the 203 or 207 trams towards the chateau (you must buy a one-way pass for ?0.70). It is recommended to visit the palace museums - especially the part with the crown tower - for this view: 17:00 Return to the town centre from the other side - on the way to "Beblavého St." until "Most SNP" (UFO bridge).

There you go to Hviezdoslav-Platz. 5:30 pm, take in the views of our Slovak National Theatre and immerse yourself in the ambience of the vibrant boardwalk of the town. 19:00 h on foot to the Danube shore and over the new river Danube river viaduct, with the lift to the UFO Tower. BOOKING A TRIP NOW!

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