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When you explore New York, you have to stay in the best boutique hotels! Catskills Villa Hotel, Cape May, NJ Perfect place for a Catskills mountain holiday, weekend getaway, wedding, group event or conference. Made-to-measure queen size mattress (on the Four Seasons NYC), organic cotton sheets. Roxbury is a'boutique motel' equipped with unique treats and stylish IKEA lamps. The Roxbury, a super-cool boutique hotel in the middle of the picturesque Catskill Mountains.

The new Catskills Hotels are aimed at a design-conscious public

It' a room at the Arnold House. Photograph by kind permission of Arnold House. Urbanists have found shelter in the Catskills for over a hundred years. However, the golden age of the great Vittorian hill hotels is over and the Borscht Belt Cordillera Kitch is over. Those few years, our down-state neighbours are looking for something more off the beaten pathes in their rural exits.

There is a new kind of resort in the hills: small, relaxed getaways that appeal to a design-conscious client base. Encouraged by the popularity of Graham & Co, a former Phoenicia Wayhouse that reopened last year as a stylish theme park, several new hotels have adopted the Catskills approach as a hiphster replacement for the Hamptons -- a drums New York Magazine has been hitting for almost a century.

The Catskills' visitor will be able to choose half a dozen new boutique hotels to open in 2014, each with its own distinctive flavor for a rural week-end design. Living-room at the Arnold. Photograph by kind permission of Arnold. In their new The Arnold Houses, Kirsten and Sims Foster want to give their patrons the feeling that they are going to spend the weekends with some of their closest acquaintances in their cottage - except that their acquaintances happens to have a private cook and own a busy cafe.

That' s why the Fosters have written "House" in the name. Deciding to remain in the grocery and beverage store, they bought Lanza's Country Inn at Shandelee Mountain to convert it into Arnold House. When she was arranging her own marriage last September, Kirsten said it was hard to find a place for her relatives and cronies.

When they designed the Arnoldhaus, the married couple took into consideration their own experiences and the city's need for a new cafe. The entire range of reefs on Catskills' roomsing home, recreation area and bow tie fish story with grape harvest fittings and ancient pieces of woodwork. Photograph by kind permission of Spruceton Inn.

A part of the attraction of leaving the city and driving into the hills is the opportunity to see the bird instead of the siren and the star instead of street lights, said Casey Scieszka, who runs the Spruceton Inn in West Kill. Scyzka said she and her man, writer and graphic artist Steven Weinberg, had been discussing the takeover of a hospitality rehab program for some time.

Scytszka said the premonition for the official opening of the project in July was understatement. "Scieszka said, "People come here to walk, to go fishing, to savour the catskills, to savour the ordinary joys in everything. It was formerly known as Schwarzenegger Sunshine Valley House, once the property of Arnold Schwarzenegger's former co-owner Karl according to Scieszka.

The Scieszka and Weinberg call their place "Bed and Bar" instead of "Bed and Breakfast" in order to prevent old clich├ęs. Scieszka says that they have a plan to work with a neighboring brewer, West Kill Brewing, and are also open to other community alliances.

At the Dylan Hill. Lissa Harris' picture. This is how you find the Dylan in Woodstock on Route 28. Aim was to build a mouth-watering establishment that could keep up with the historical atmosphere of Woodstock. Covello and the Cortney and Robert Novogratz had a dream for a beautifully designed Elliot Landy's legendary Woodstock photos on the wall of each room and a Volkswagen coach as a shuttleservice between the two.

Covello says the greatest challenges are to find a landlord willing to connect the daunting adjacent dining area - all 7,100 sqm. It' an inside at the Nashes. Photograph by kind permission of Jim Grinchis. The home of the Nash Hotels, Sharon Springs was once a thriving city.

"Sharon Springs is now seeing a resurgence," said Jim Grinchis, who also runs the adjoining Main Bar & Bistro with his man Norm Phenix. The Grinchis and Phenix opened the Nash in May. The first two working day they were open, the website of the hospitality company receives over three dozens of requests from potential visitors for the three available rooms, which the married couples want to have.

Grinchis says the Nash's large suites are already reserved all year round for visitors who are attracted to traditional concerts, as well as the picturesque and historical Sharon Springs itself. The Grinchis website says that it comes from a stylistic backdrop that is mirrored in the aesthetics of the Nash modems, which combine "modernity with rural friendliness".

Downstairs spill. Kelly Merchant's picture from Green Door Magazine. They emigrated from California to the Catskills to start Spillian: From A Place to Revel, in a historical villa in the town of Fleischmanns last October. Featuring a fun mixture of philosophies, mythologies and live coaches, the program is designed to "give mankind the means to think of what is impossible".

" In order to accommodate Spillian, Melander and Somerfield purchased the last surviving "summer house" of the Fleischmann yeasty family from the 1880s. Situated on a hillside high above the town of Fleischmann, the edifice is a historical wonder: an unbroken manor with an imposing, surrounding veranda, 47 doors and tender olive oils covered with pines throughout.

"It' s remarkable intact," said Mrelander, and added that the villa is in the midst of being listed as a historical building. "This was an unbelievably contemporary building for that age. "The rooms are set on bizarre historical subjects. Paths run through the back of the "Spillian Heartwood", the wooded hillside that was once the Fleischmann family's own personal game area.

The Spillian team is working with the New York-New Jersey Track Conference to design the track system and make it accessible to the world.

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