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Two new boutique hotels are located in the small town of Beacon. A boutique hotel with a view of a waterfall. More ideas about Beacon ny, Ryan o'neal and Tim o'brien. A new boutique hotel and fine restaurant, breathtaking views of the waterfall, beautiful wedding and event rooms. Beacon, Dutchess County, NY.

Beacon' s Best Boutique Hotel - Beacon, NY Boutique Hotel

The snuggeries are quiet, illuminated by glazed blocks, as shown in the photo on the photo on the right, for your comfort and acoustic privacy....comfortable, deep relaxation retreat. There are no opening of the stone window. Complimentary continental breakfast in the lobby from 8:00 am to 9:45 am. 4 high Hudson Vale rooms are available in the hotel.

Each room has spacious, comfy, spacious single berths for up to two people, with southern window and en-suite bath. Complimentary continental breakfast in the lobby from 8:00 to 9:45 a.m. Our Queens Anne Rooms are our biggest rooms overlooking Main Street. This tall suite has a small second bedroom niche with a large king size sofa.

Complimentary continental breakfast in the foyer from 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. In additon to the facilities in your room, you are welcome as a Beacon Inn and Spa guest: Complimentary continental breakfast - Servies in the foyer from 8.00 to 9.45. The solarium - For your convenience and enjoyment: with fireplace, high ceilings, high ceilings, high doors to the lower attic.

Rooftop Gardens - The lower rooftop terrace is open for seasonal breakfasts. You are just a few minutes walk from Main Street, the Hudson River footpaths and the world-famous Dia Art Gallery.

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The former factory has been carefully converted into a high class hotel environment with high standards of design and comfort. The rooms and common areas dribble from painting to furnishings to the floor, nature shades give the estate a classic aura. The rooms are cosy but not very intimate.

Berths are low but very comfortable, and the noise of running waters over the waterfalls will be asleep. There are many unique amenities and most rooms are spacious with a view of lights and waters. The roundhouse also has the patio during the summers, which offers a more relaxed meal, along with a beautiful view of the waterfalls.

It is a cosy and cool place for the colder seasons, and you might think you've just gone off the beaten track in Aspen. The Beacon quickly developed into a major New York state event. Dia's painstaking work, about 15 minutes on foot down Main Street, has attracted artisans, artisans, art dealers and high class food and drink to the city.

There is no excursion to Beacon without a tour of the Dia Kunstmuseum with its beautiful collections of modern artworks, and you could do much more than jump over the river to see the Storm King sculpture just 20 minutes by car.

At sunset, the newer, smoother stomach of Beacon is uncovered and you should make your way to the Hop, a classical local that is hardly a stumbling block to the city.

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