Borgess Hospital

The Borgess Hospital

The Borgess Medical Center offers emergency room and mammography. Kalamazoo, MI. I' d like to thank all the staff of the Borgess Hospital for taking such good care of my father.

Medical Centre Borgess

The Borgess Medical Centre is recognised nationwide for special service in the fields of cardio-vascular, lung, orthopaedics, bariatry, strokes, rehablitation and spinal column treatment. It is also an important reference centre for emergencies and traumatology, a behavioural crises centre, the diabetes and hormone centre, diagnostics and radiation studies, sleeping medicines, women's healthcare, the birth centre and sport medicines.

Doctors from Borgess provide GP treatment at more than 120 sites. He is a strong supporter of large fellowship efforts such as the seasonal relationship with the JWCA and others for the Kalamazoo Cradle Projekt; Ministry with Community; Go Red! He is also the founder and main patron of the yearly Borgess Run for the Health of It, which attracts more than a thousand athletes for its 5K, 10K, half and full range races.

Among the parteners are almost all the large organisations in the area. Born in 1889 with a $5,000 scholarship from Bishop Caspar Borgess, at the behest of Monsignor Francis O'Brien, who established the first hospital in the area when the Sisters of St. Joseph responded to his call to take charge of the hospital.

Kalamazoo was a busy centre with 17,000 inhabitants in 1889, of which one can be proud. As best they could, the needy took good charge of themselves. In the cellar, a young physician, Homer Stryker, worked on ways to enhance the treatment of his orthopaedic clients. Under Sister Eugene's vision, the hospital finally developed into Borgess Health, a hospital and outpatient clinic library that is fully incorporated into the group.

It all began with mental, bodily and sentimental caring, and this heritage is still alive today. Borgess' missions, visions and core beliefs put people at the heart of caring, with gratitude for the roles of the families and their families in this work.

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