Blackfeet Community College

The Blackfeet Community College

CA, PA - Miami Dade College. The Blackfeet Community College The Blackfeet Community College (BCC) is serving the Blackfeet Indian Reserve and the 3,000 sq. m. area around it, fostering and fostering Blackfeet scores through high-quality, available educational and professional programmes and service. The BCC provides associated diplomas and certification programmes.

Subjects of study cover economics, civil engineering, community healthcare, computer information system, penal law, child and primary schooling, medical care, as well as photovoltaic power.

Topics of the certification cover topics such as accounting, behavioral healthcare and contingency measures. It also provides on-line training. The BCC provides accommodation on site, a typing centre and local transport. Things to do including rodeo club, baseball and chess club.

The Blackfeet Adult Education Centre in Browning, MT

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Alumni invoice maker advocates embezzlement from peer group

Former intellectual who calculates at a clan community college pleaded culpable on Tuesday to embezzle more than $13,000 from the establishment over a six-month term. 34-year-old Jennifer Lynn Brown would make cheques under the cover of Blackfeet Community College scholarships. At the U.S. District Court in large cases on Tuesday, Brown Judge Brian Morris she took the moneys to get out of debt explained.

Loading papers say her private banking acount had been oversubscribed by about $248.88 in July 2015, when Brown began embezzling funds from college. Meanwhile BCC President Carol Murray said the college was under another leadership at that time and refused further comments. In accordance with the scale of charges published on the university's website, the amount misappropriated corresponds approximately to the costs of eight enrolled college or college graduates who pay 15 credits for a year.

Mr Brown was impeached on charges, inciting stealing from a programme that receives federal finance and administration scams in February, and did not plead plead culpable to those charges on March 6. She made a speech on 25 April with public prosecutors pleading to transfer the money and repay the full amount misappropriated to the college.

On tuesday, morris asked how brown, who's out of work, would pay back college. "Morris said, "Whatever you do, get a career. Brown's conviction is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on September 12 at the Missouri River Federal Courthouse in Great Falls.

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