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The Björk Reviews - Fierce, lush popular songs in a true utopia | Music

It' a pictorial depiction of the sound landscapes of woodland creatures and growling feral cat that supports their latest record Utopia, with blooming flowers, a green background and a gold flower with a flutist inside. Featuring sci-fi biomes full of true plant life from around the globe, the Eden Project is probably the only place on their journey that overshadows their ambitions to make a dramatic performance of nature.

Bjork may be clad like a Dayglos bug, but Eden Project has a huge beast. This also applies to their audiences. A man is wearing a three-cornered cap, although it may be Poldarkinfluenced. Bjork comes on a revolving base with long weed. Describing the utopian vision that inspires Ulopia as an isle of fantastic, freaky mutation, she here is wearing a Dayglesh gown that twists her character and a antenna array blank.

It is accompanied by the flutist septta Viibra, clad in Feenrosa. While Björk is singing, Eden's trunks are standing still, enchanted on their legs. She has a charming and painful tone of voice, an elementary howling that seems to influence the tissues of the age. Björk himself and sea birds clean themselves and appear as fabulous creatures in a fabled world.

With an emotionally intense and non-orthodox texture, the Utopia tracks take a back seat and break the magic long enough to allow outbursts of dance and punch. The enchantment then continues as Viibra records long, lit pipes and swirls them around her head, generating spooky sounds and rotating disks of lights around her vocalist for a bleak and bassless feature creatures.

Björk Titania is here in sleepy Eden on a mid-summer evening, immersed in enchanting beasts. She is a charming mixture of Proms and Panto with her stupid outfits, pumpkin flowers and cute - she says little more than a courteous and enchanting "thank you" after each one. That has been fixed on Viibra.

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