Big Valley Federal Credit Union

The Big Valley Federal Credit Union

The Big Valley Federal Credit Union - CLOSED - Banks & Credit Unions - 3111 Wissemann Dr, Sacramento, CA - Telephone number The EDIT---- We have transferred all our children's and all our children's balances from this bench and have been working elsewhere for almost a year without any breach. Meanwhile, someone I know who still has an existing one has been compromised twice in the last eight month! To be honest, I'm sure it's their "security team," because it all sounded like an inside job. Well, I don't know.

In the past it was the Safeway Employees Cultural Association, and my father worked for Safeway when I got my first cheque, he took me to the local banks and assisted me in opening an acount. The absence of servicing charges is an asset of banks with a cooperative loan. Bankin' is cheaper with a cooperative loan.

I' m telling you, my kids have bank deposits here. Trouble is my bankrolls have been pretty much chopped up in the last few years. Seems we get chopped two or three a year. Problems are always solved, but I have the feeling that their surveillance teams are not behind me.

the VISA credit cards of my husband got compromise, so a new one was made out. Soon after that, they phoned to let me know my map was hijacked again, just for a map they disabled in 2014! I' m happy they let me know that an old map was used and that nothing went through.

On Saturday, when I went to the Saturday's monthly invoices, I realized that our bank accounts had been tampered with. to let me know my bank details were again in jeopardy. And when I phoned the surveillance firm, they said, "Oh. Yep! That makes me distrustful of surveillance society.

You the ones who hack myccount? Asked how long it would take to get my funds back into my bankroll, I was told: "We're not helping, we're just the surveillance society. The Big Valley has teamed up with some US cooperative, and maybe the safety will be better, but we're not staying here to find out.

We' re done with the insecurity of our bankrolls. We' re taking our cash somewhere else this sunday.

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