Best Wineries in the Hudson Valley

The best wineries in the Hudson Valley

These unique vineyards offer a relaxing atmosphere, delicious wine and magnificent views. The vibe here hangs around listening to some of the best artists in the Hudson Valley while we sip our delicious selection of wines. You will enjoy a tour of the winery and the incredible view from the top of our vineyard. You can shop in our market for locally produced beer, cider, wine and of course our spirits. Bestseller - Heavenly Dazedness +.

Hudson Valley's Top 3 Wineries

We have not been neglected when it comes to wineries in the wonderful Hudson Valley area. Situated in Orange County, NY just an hours ride from NYC are a fistful of wineries that make the roster. Fortunately, the huge Hudson Valley is only a brief limousine ride away and offers an ever-expanding winegrowing area that is attracting the attention of winemakers around the world to this up-and-coming area.

Hudson Valley wineries offer you the opportunity to get away from it all by holding an exquisite glas of genuine local wines in your grape. Whatever your backdrop, the Hudson Valley wineries are a great place to unwind and have a great holiday.

For a glimpse of this astonishing journey, we've put together a choice of 3 Hudson Valley wineries to visit: If you're a historian and winemaker, you can't miss Brotherhood Wineyard, the oldest US winemaking company in business since 1836. Among the youngest proprietors of the estate are Chilenean winegrowers, who have started a major programme of restorations and renovations at Brotherhood, including the acquisition of vineyards, the modernisation of machinery, the conversion of a plantation and the plantation of new grapevines.

Weingut still enchants its visitors with guided visits through the most interesting parts of this historic place, which today has become an attractive place for personal gatherings, marriages, balls and similar activities. It also offers an exceptional range of Sparkling and Desert Bordeaux grapes, such as ruby ports, iced grapes and creamsherry. This place will meet all your needs.

Approximately 1h 10 minutes from NYC, also a jewel in the Hudson Valley. Mountains above the Hudson River Valley are magnificent. Booking your next trip to the Benmarl Estate today! Situated in a picturesque Hudson Valley city, Warwick, NY, this estate and still has it all.

Choose from our sedans, shuttles or Suv's to take you to the next vineyard of your choosing. Please call our wine estate experts today or send us an e-mail with your questions. Be it a sedan, a wine trip for you and your patrons or a 15 person shuttleship.

Our wine cellar guides adapt to every possible wine-making budgets and offer our customers a comprehensive and proffesional range of services. Book your next tour to discover the breathtaking wineries of the Hudson Valley.

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