Best Wine Tasting Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Best Tasting

They are "food-safe", which is probably the best way to put it. We work with local farmers to produce the best possible wine and really give you a taste of the Hudson Valley. Are you familiar with the different types of wine? We work with local farmers to produce the best possible wine and really give you a taste of the Hudson Valley. We share our love of wine, cider and spirits with all of you in the Hudson Valley and beyond!


Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival is a wine festival. In the center of our meeting the beautiful vineyards Hudson Valley & New York are located. Selling bottled wine to New York and Hudson Valley estates, we provide our wine festival attendees with a great way to buy the best New York wine directly from the estate.

The Hudson Valley, vineyards and wines of the finest quality

So what could be better than a wine and waterfall weekend in Hudson Valley? Visit Minnewaska State Park and Robibero Winery in New Paltz. The Shawangunk Wine Trail with the 2017 Passport will save you a lot of money. Situated in the countryside of East Dutchess County, the Dutchess Wine Trail links Clinton Vineyards and Millbrook Vineyards & Winery.

When you are a serious wine collectors, you probably have several different size wines. The Hudson Wine Merchant, Hudson, New Yoirk.

autumn leaves

At least once in your life, case folio in new york. We will take you through the quaint Hudson Valley to explore small cities and taste the wines of the area, with typical cheese. Have a look at the autumn leaves, the farmhouses and the quaint farmhouses spread out between our tours of the vineyards.

On this memorable date, take your cameras to the Hudson Valley. We' ll come to see a genuine N.Y. vine picnic and end with a tasty meal of fine sandwich dishes, traditional Swiss cheeseboards, lettuce, green tea and noodle salads, flavoured waters and a home-made delicacy.

We' re using so much of the bounty to give you an idea of Hudson Valley. We will show you memorable vistas, picturesque cities, farms and beautiful Hudson Valley scenery throughout the workday. In our last hand-picked vineyard you will see your last wine trip.

We end our days with many recollections of a great adventure and a newly discovered passion for NY wine. A 6-hour shuttle ride that will include tasting sessions at three of the finest vineyards in the area, coupled with cheese from the Hudson Valley, and a tasty pick nick with tantalising local tales.

Departure with wine, peasant goods, regional treasure and a new appreciation of wine. We start the tour with a pick-up from the hotels or by minibus. Discover wine wineries that were dug out by hands in the eighteenth centuary and contain some of the oldest years. You will set out on a journey of wine to savour and enjoy with a better knowledge of the wine-making processes and history of one of the oldest wine-growing areas in the USA.

You can take home your favourite vintages and buy them in their original giftshop full of memories of the area. Get on the Hudson line to Beacon Station. Trains depart from the Grand Central Terminal at 8:43 a.m. Transport from participant hotel to the venue can be organised.

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