Best Wedding Venues in Chicago

The best wedding venue in Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago Ballroom School. The Loft on Lake is an award-winning location that combines urban elegance with artistic standards. It has been named Chicago's most sustainable wedding location. The Loews Chicago Hotel is equipped for weddings. Professional wedding specialists are on site to take care of details such as catering and venue.

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Not only is Chicago the most popular Midwestern metropolis, it is also one of the most vibrant towns in the run. It has everything you (and your guests!) could wish for, from its magnificent gardens and museum to its world-class restaurants, shops, entertainments and hotel facilities - with a long listing of fantastic wedding and venues.

No matter if you are looking for a place that is old-fashioned (but beautiful) or one that is truly extraordinary, here is a choice of places to discover. Around the turn of the 20th and 20th centuries, with beautiful antiquities, pictures, tapestries as well as statues, encircled by almost 50 hectares of well-kept lawn and garden. A Chicago city center lofts adorned throughout with colourful arts and antique furniture (think back room desks, armchairs and sofas).

A ten hectare beautiful botanic park, a glittering sea, green lawn and beautiful landscape. A two-storey, imposing function room with granite pillars, a floating vault and memorable decorations such as the battle against elephant from Africa and a titanium dinosaurskeleton. A hectare of botanic park that thrives under a six-storey glazed courtyard with glittering candles, a fountain and charming palms.

Notable venues and stunning views of Chicago's sparkling sky, not to speak of additional activity such as a trip through the universe or a telescope view of the lunar, planetary and stellar worlds. You' ll see six ships drifting against the scenery of the Chicago city' s cityscape.

The Platinum LED Certified green exchange hall has a light-flooded central venue with "green" facilities such as an 8,000 square metre large organically landscaped citycenter. Turn of the 20th c. fire station with enchanting antique features - and a private backyard.

The best wedding venue in Chicago

If you are about to plan a wedding, a newlyweds has either already scheduled the whole thing (since she was a child, of course) or has no clue where to start. Wherever you end up on the radio range, almost everyone ends up in the same ship - under stress.

To take the heat off, we round up 14 of our favourite places in town. Be it a showsstopping new motel to wow-worthy dance rooms to a lovely BYOB feature, these sites take charge of one of the greatest stress factors on your docket. Whether it's a vibrator or a lip stick, you'll find out how your favourite product is made.

Manufactured by and for clever, bossy females. Hollywood ladies talk about feminism, self-confidence and everything in between. There are five romances behind various multilingual weddings. Discover the liveliest culture and gastronomy centres in the whole wide globe - in 60 seconds, of course.

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