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Find out why Poughkeepsie recommends city guides with the best local sights, activities and tours from Poughkeepsie locals. The best places for kayaking, hiking, cycling and fishing in the Hudson Valley. Shopping, good Chinese food (IMO) and general fun (e.g. with drones at Brookstone or iPads at Best Buy):.

This town is busy, but violence has increased lately. Several shootings.

2018: The best of Poughkeepsie, NY Tourism

The Main Mall is a group of Renaissance Revival shop windows from the 1870s along Poughkeepsie's Main Street and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Twenty-two nearby gardens offer the possibility to take a rest from urban activities. Would you like to cut your Poughkeepsie Hotels costs by up to 30%? Up to 200 locations are checked for the latest and cheapest rates.

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but this city needs work. We need more employment possibilities, better educational standards for our undergraduates, more rest for the population, but above all for younger children and youngsters. When I visited Vassar I was a inhabitant of this city for about 8 month. From the suburbs of the Bay Area, this city certainly has its better times.

Shops on Main Street aren't very busy, but the folks here are quite nice. Samevision is not shared between the headmaster and the headmaster. It' a great place for the language course because it is a very peaceful and peaceful area that will help you to concentrate. When you' re more into the louder and more energetic areas like NY Town, Poughkeepsie may not be the best thing for you.

It' a very pretty area. I' d suggest it to anyone who wants to stay in a peaceful area. There is also a fantastic view of the Hudson Valley and wonderful little hiking paths that I accompany with my mates. Would its a altogether kind topic.

She has to rearrange everything. Shops on the capital stressful are all; mostly closed. Schools in the state are considered the poorest, and security is atrocious. There is a need for the fellowship to come together and create genuine organisations that are truly ready to make a difference in the town. Relocate tramps off the major roads and municipal parklands, help the town to become more prosperous in order to maintain its value and grow its people.

Organisations or property must make a modification to tackle this problem. Enclosure is extremly over priced, especially because, why would you want to be there, except that there is a railway-station which you can use to let this impoverished apology for a town. But, if you want to squander your moneys on high rentals, you run the chance of being raided or having your house and meeting hordes of abrading full-blown idiots with down-to-earth crime trends, the notion of living is to replicate more toddler-lose babies and living on prosperity and illegal drugs sells, Poughkeepsie is the place for you

Poughkeeping is an area that is not everyone's cup of tea. Poughkeepsie has a terrible education system that needs updating. What is good about this area is that the landscape is lovely. There' s a whole bunch to do in Poughkeepsie. Three are a ton of great inns and it is a lovely mix of urban and agricultural lives.

Lovely tree-lined urban setting. The Riverfront is lovely..... So it' s a very different place, but still a lovely place..... Well, Poughkeepsie's a good place to be in tow. It' very cute, parcs at Oak trees reds (where I live) and huge to get a home.

On the other side, the whole thing is violence and shooting, which I wouldn't suggest. Educacion is good if you are living in the citys, but for poughkeepsie townchildren its very tough. A small village right on the Hudson Rivers. Universities in the cities are insulated and blowing in themselves so little interactions between student and urban dwellers.

It' good not to have a commute. and the neighborhood had more options for children. Well, I bought a place in Poughkeepsie last year, and I like it. There' s a great deal to do in this town, but there has been an increase in recent weeks.

In Poughkeepsie there are many possibilities, both for families and young adults.

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