Best things to do in Hudson River Valley

The best activities in the Hudson River Valley

The best thing about Albany and Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Grove Estate, overlooking the Hudson River. Age-old spirits still live in historic places that rise to meet guests when the spirit moves them. CATONAH winter break mini-camp, crafts, games and activities. Licht und Schatten", group exhibition.

The Hudson River Valley's top adventures

The only reason New York City is New York City is because of the Hudson, an exceptionally low stream that flows 315 leagues from the Adirondacks to the Statue of Liberty. At its core is the Hudson Valley, a small 80 mile long area of historical cities and great scenery that begins around Deacon, 65 leagues from New York City.

This is the birthplace of the country's first arts and literary scene, which offers New Yorkers the best respite after the city's wastelands. Exploring 80 mile riverbanks, there is a great deal of soil (and water) to be covered. These are our tips for the best things you can do, arranged from east to west on each side of the canal.

The Scrappy Poughkeepsie is mainly a crossroads in the valleys, but near the railway and city centre it is definitely a good idea to save a few short walking lessons for the world's longest walk. In 2009, the non-profit Walkway Over the Hudson ( turned a 1.28 mile deserted railway viaduct into a mall. The house of Franklin D. Roosevelt on the riverbank - a house that was run by his mom at the times - is a rewarding stopover in Hyde Bay.

Guided tours of the home where the Bill Murray Hyde Park movie on Hudson 2012 took place. The aspiring visitor to Hyde Park is FDR's up-and-coming visitor, Ms Eleanor, who sneaked away and made her own home, the cozy Val-Kill, a few leagues up-country, which can be visited with a fare.

Hudson River Valley is a kind of American Downton Abbey District, with all kinds of nineteenth- and millionaires' moguls. The Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site, located at the northern end of Hyde Park, is one of the most well known.

It is officially named Historic Village in Rhinebeck, but everyone simply names it Red Hook Diver five leagues from Rhinebeck. The painter Frederic Church, one of the Hudson River School engineers in the mid-19th centuries, chose a place he named the centre of the earth to construct the valley's most singular house.

Situated on a 500-foot hill in the 1870', Olana is a Persian style house with views of much of the Hudson, surrounded to the east by the Catskill Hills cliff. Just a few leagues just off the Rip Van Winkle Bridge of Olana, the city of Hudson has the best shops in the world - if you're looking for Sotheby's grade (and price) antique from past00s.

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