Best things to do in Catskills

The best you can do in Catskills

With New York Zipline Adventures to the zipper lining. The Hotel Vienna is perfectly located to reach the best of Catskills, NY. Enjoy the beauty of winter by going outside. Discover the best restaurants, bars, adventures and more. Best places to watch the stars in New York City.

Catskill' s NY things to do Things to do here

The Hotel Vienna is perfectly located to reach the best of Catskills, NY. Enjoy the beautiful nature of hibernation by going outside. There is a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports, including ski, snowboard, cross-country, snowshoe, figure-skate, snowtubing and more. The Hotel Vienna is only a few minutes away from some of the best ski resorts in the east.

1m Windham Mountain is home to world-class snows and offers 98% snowfall, making for great ski and snowboard. 15 minute drive from Hunter Mountain, Hunter Mountain offers 1,600ft. on the escarpment, 57 tracks and 10 ski slopes. The Catskills in the hinterland of New York is one of the funniest forms of ski and snowboard.

We' ve put together our favourite places to find Windham or Hunter Mountain rental once you get here. Windhoam Mountain rentals are just around the bend when you get to Hotel Vienna. Enjoy the scenic splendour of New York's hinterland winters with an open-air skating area at Windham Mountain's skating area with a warm room and skating rental.

Catskills are the ideal place for a classical long distance ski experience in winters. Enjoy the afternoons outside and explore the wonderful landscape of the woody valley, because the only noise is that your ski glides over the slush. For an intensive training or a comfortable excursion through the trail, take your free day for this funny activities.

Windham, NY offers many possibilities to discover the countryside with a snowshoe. Both beginner and experienced hikers will be delighted by snow-covered hiking paths inhabited by luxuriant evergreen and game. If you travel through the vast net of snowmobiles in and around Windham, you can lay more soils. Most of our visitors have their own sledges, but there are also rental possibilities.

Windham Mountain even has a children's snowmobiling area. A new way to feel the force of gravitation in the winter with snowtubing in Windham or Hunter Mountains. Windham, New York has so much to see and do for every member of the Windham community.

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