Best Spas in Upstate Ny

The best spas in Upstate Ny

The traditions in the Glen are the best in the region. asylum With our personalised massage, facial and physical treatment you will feel comfortable. Our marvellous employees from our sometimes messy life will put you back on the right path. Through our membership, you can select from a range of options that best meet your needs.

Situated in the historical Bear Mountain Inn.

Ivy Spa

One customer noted the great advantages of massages and thought that a more celebrity position was needed for his massager. Scandinavian (1/2 hour: $45| 1 hour: $75| 1 1/2 hour: $115) - The most popular technology for reducing stresses. Depth Tissue (1/2 hour: $45| 1 hour: $75| 1 1/2 hour: $115) - Can't you turn your mind?

That'?s the message for you! SHATSU (1 hour: $75| 1 1/2 hour: $115) - Imagine: You lie on a pad on the ground and the practitioner uses your knee, elbow and palm to relieve stress from points of compression and vertebrae. Paediatrician ( (1/2 hour: $45| 1 hour: $75| 1 1/2 hour: $115) - Gentlemen, you are welcome to move on to the next move.

Have a facial on a custom -made desk that provides you and your child with security and comforts while you are receiving a much-needed treatment. reflex zone hydromassage (1/2 hour: $45| 1 hour: $75) - get yourself prepared to move, because your legs will be feeling light! SETTING SKIRT (1 hour: $85| 1 1/2 hour: $125) - Hot, slippery rocks improve your massages as your muscle relaxes and you just melts away.... and maybe dribbles on the cushion.

Revitalising Faccial - Our base face care is fundamentally unbelievable. Antiging Faccial - Our revitalising face care plus vitamine ca and peeling. Expressfacial - Everyone always tells you to be more sudden, so here's your opportunity! The most of our revitalization facials in half the while. DIETOXIFYING FAIAL dietoxifying faial - Our revitalising face care with extra antibacterial breakage treatments to relieve the pressure on the scalp.

Nourising Facial - Our revitalising facial care with maximal moisturising care. You' ll shine everywhere and you' ll be able to relax during this session.

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