Best Spa Resorts in new York state

Top Spa Resorts in New York State

Explore the Empire State Building, Times Square and Grand Central Terminal, all minutes away. The Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building are also nearby. The Hudson River, first-class spa, three dining facilities and banquet and function rooms.

Top New England spa and wellness resorts

The New England resorts and hotel industry continues a vertiginous contest to provide better spa amenities to indulge you. There are many resorts that provide daily treatment for the general population; you don't have to be a resident to use the spa. Our range of extravagant products and therapies puts your intimate massages, facials and packs in the shade.

New Hampshire's Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa offers 360-degree panoramic vistas; Maine's Samoset Resort offers the sounds of the sea and Penobscot Bay view; Vermont's Spa at Snowflake imitates the Green Mountains with its waterfall that cascades. At Newport, Rhode Island, the Marriott and Hyatt Regency provide sumptuous spa amenities after your walk through Newport' historic colonies.

At Maine's Spruce Point Inn, we provide youthful spa treatment in a quiet, pristine environment that is perfect for relaxing. You will find a wide range of accommodation, among them holiday homes, comfortable lodges, town houses, often with water-view.

Relax with a youthful massaging session while you enjoy the sight and sounds of the seawells. Rejuvenate with a Blueberry Bliss facial, a mixture of bilberries and aromatic plants to revitalize the complexion. The Spa at Cliff House, part of the stunningly restored Cliff House Resorts on the Maine coast, is a luxury spa complex based on pure nature, combining luxury treatment with relaxation in the sun, sea and sandy beaches.

Sessions, which begin and end in the light-flooded solarium on the hillside with a view of the waters, can comprise sauna, vapour bath, energetic treatment, therapies and salts. Unparalleled skin care and personal care therapies - try the fragrant marine roses or the salts of marine massages - accentuate curative, soothing, organically and naturally active ingredients.

There are also inside and outside swimming pool and gym facilities. Featuring an award-winning, extensive menus with over 60 spa treatments, which include physical treatments, facials, hand and foot treatments, hydrotherapy, and massage treatments, an award-winning spa program helps refresh the spirit and bodies. Tower Spa is on the top level of the spa and features ten large rooms offering relaxed private areas with stunning vistas.

Enjoy the luxurious and romantic atmosphere as you immerse yourself in one of our offered therapies, the Kohler Sök bath. Located at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa, the Health & Wellness Centre features a state-of-the-art gym, yacht study, air-conditioned swimming hall, large outdoor saunas and whirlpool.

Sample the curative pack of honeys and bees ( with your own hive honey), an oat meal biscuit cure or spearmint paedicure or raindrop treatment with ethereal oil. Relax with a delicious selection of either Thai, Danish or Swedish massages. Further spa offers range from an indoors swimming bath, saunas and Turkish baths, gym courses (from mediation to hiking in the morning), healthful cookery shows and the latest make-up artist advice.

Whilst the backdrop is jazz blue jazz, the indulgent rooms are for massage, wrap, manicure/pedicure, facial and are accentuated by their very own ginger rubs, hangover herbies, betweeny waxes and triple oxygen treats. It is a relaxing downtown resort energized with a characteristic spa service meal, from massage, bodily and facial care to beauty enhancement service, which includes growth and manicure/pedicure.

Combine your activities with contemplation, massages, saunas, hikes and sea trips and swim, canoe, bike, kayak and shopping for your craft. Feeding your bodies with recognized vegeterian cuisine, adapted to your needs, free of vegans and Gluten, and healing your spirit with our open fire, lakefront location and comfortable veranda. At the Sebasco Harbor Resort, try a spa week-end.

There is a complete massaging meal. Characteristic of our Sweden massages, it uses gentle to moderate pressures to release stresses and muscular spasms. Our Black and White Massages use warm water blocks and classical massages to soothe fatigued musculature and enhance blood flow. Further spa treatment at our sea-view amenities includes manicure, facial treatment and aroma therapy.

Peelings and Hydrate are rubbed with marine salts enriched with peeling teas, followed by an olive bath. Seaweed, leafy lemon grass, lemon grass, lemon grass, lemon grass, green lemon grass, lemon grass, green lemon grass, lemon grass, green lemon grass, lemon grass, green lemon grass, lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon grass, green lemon lemon grass, green lemon lemon lemon lemon grass, green lemon lemon lemon grass, green lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon water. Set up in this refined year-round spa with a 35,000 square feet, state-of-the-art facilities with a 60 feet swimming hall, gym and 16 treatments rooms.

Our 50 spa and spa products, ranging from beneficial massage and detoxification packs to youthful therapies for the face and neck, are tailored to your individual needs by our qualified professionals. The new Spa and Lounge at our Top Inn & Moutain Relaxation Centre is a celebration for the senses. The 4 -Season Top Mountain Resort & Spa is situated on 350 hectares with magnificent view of the Green Mountains and a quiet sea.

The 6,000 square metre Spa and Spa Room provides a full range of treatment and service from the most gifted doctors in the region. In addition to the service menus you will find gym courses, boat camp & practice, surf set, yacht charter, bathroom with en-suite facilities, indoor swimming pools, whirlpool and saunas. Influenced by our environment, many of our therapies use local, naturally grown herbs.

For a complete listing of our products and solutions, please visit our website. No matter if you want a bath in the glittering warm swimming pool, an energizing training or a personal massages, the professionals are waiting to take you with them. Featuring everything from our exclusive range of New England spa products to our range of Europe-wide facial products, our spa facilities are the ideal companion to any New England holiday.

Indulge in the luxury range of functions and amenities in this Connecticut escape spa, which includes personal care packs, peelings, a manicure, pedicure, sundecks, a steam room and 11 different treatments rooms. Book a relaxed spa at the Mill Pool and Fitness Center at Purity Spring Resort and increase your holiday amid majestic woods, lochs and hills.

Indulge in a full-body sugar peeling and peeling session that makes your complexion appear sleek and softer. Savour a stimulating face firming action with pure Fields of Ambrosia native ingredients that cleanse and firm your complexion. Complement an aromatherapy session to help your sense of smell and a special aromatherapy session to awaken your fatigued ears.

Paraffin treatment for your hand and foot will reach often overlooked parts of the skin, increase circulation and relax your muscle after an intense working session. Here this beautiful New England Resort is breathing sea breeze and salty breeze and offers stunning vistas as far as the eye can see. Bring that sense to the world-class spa that offers therapy service in its state-of-the-art amenities.

Here you will find treatment for your physical and mental well-being, as well as for your spiritual and spiritual well-being, enriched with seaweed. Massages, warm stones and bodily massages, face treatment, nails, beauty treatment and wedding treatment are available. The spa is as much a state of mind as a place or a series of spa procedures and therapy. Sounds of the Sea Spa help to invigorate and regenerate your spirits and bodies.

Deluxe spa rooms are your haven for expert massage and facial care in a quiet area. Pamper your taste buds and let this 19 th centuries guesthouse by the sea become your own private haven with individual tailored services. Enjoy the spa experience of a couple while you and your loved ones calm, cure and embellish your body and mind with therapies from certified and award-winning practitioners from YouBodyWorks that make you feel fresh and fortified.

Select from several beloved massage choices, among them the signature massage & Express-Facial, Classic Massage. Depth tissue massage, "LaStone" depth heat massage and "Balancing Act" facial and massage. The Mirbeau awards cover AAA Four Diamonds and Conde Nast Top 20 resorts in New England and Top 100 hotels and resorts in the world.

New Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club is the ideal place to indulge and unwind when you're celebrating a marriage, an unforgettable holiday or just a little "me" afternoons. Offering a wide range of manicure, pedicure, massage and facial therapies - among them the beloved Hydrafacial - the spa provides all-natural and cruelty-free skin care from Farmaesthetics.

The Beach House Spa provides spa programs with meditation, Happy Hour Akupuncture, Happy Hour and more during the hot summers. Grettacole Spa has the latest treatment to calm your mind and enhance your own personal nature. Relax with a face treatment or a massaging session. There is an indoors swimming bath and a 24-hour gym.

This AAA Four Diamond has grown from a humble 1963 hotel to a world-class destination, one of Vermont's most important goals and the biggest and most comprehensive spa in Vermont. This 50,000-square-foot spa features more than 120 beneficial spa sessions in a rocky whirlpool with a treacherous cascade of waterfalls, a European-style thermal spa, roomy Santa Claus lounge with Turkish baths, saunas and juices, and a 10,000-square-foot meditation area.

Covering 4,000 sq ft, the 4,000-square-foot, seven-track Classic Labyrinth, styled by the famous Patrick MacManaway of Scotland, is available to hike as a tranquil and recreational open-air centre for individual reflexion. Local flower and herb gardens are used for selected Stoweflake Signature Treatments and the restaurant's spa-kitchen. Luxury Ocean House Resort Spa.

Located between gentle slopes with sea lily and green field vegetation, the spa provides a wide range of seasonally designed spa services to help you revitalise and soothe. Shut your eye and enjoy a relaxing, sandstone or aromatic bath relaxing session. Indulge yourself with a moisturizing face, palm or feet treatment or with manicures.

There is a lounge, a gym, a heated swimmingpool and a yoga club. Relax with a fluvial rock or deeper skin treatment or a rejuvenating face treatment, or try The Wentworth Wrap, where you end with an aromatherapeutic face and head skin treatment while enveloped in hot sheets.

You can also make an appointment for a couple to have a massages in the private area of your room. Whether you're relaxing in the saunas, whirlpools or Turkish baths, or lean back and indulge in a bio-peeling and pack or aroma -therapy enhancer (to unwind, try camomile and incense treatments) or weight -loss your skin with our special skin-lift. Sample a Sea and C face cream or a face cream specially developed to treat these lines.

Treat yourself to a relaxing massages or a warm tone treatment. But the real point of the holiday is to relax, and you'll find that in south Vermont at Castle Hill Resort and Spa. The Aveda Concept Spa provides therapies and therapies that calm you both bodily and mental. Taste our Stressfix massages, which use the curative powers of ethereal oil and a blend of Sweden and deeper body massages, Fußreflexzonenmassage and Acupressur to regenerate you.

An awakening rosmary mint pack uses the essences of rosmarin and mint, head skin massages and feet massages to help rebalance the whole bod. Peelings, facial treatments, manicure, grooming and growth are also available. Accommodation includesoga courses, Pilates courses, swimming pools, whirlpools and a complete gym.

Arouse your wits at the world-class Cascade Spa, a full-service men's and women's spa that offers characteristic Cascade Spa spas, massages, bodily massages, face and neck massages, luxurious home spa rooms, steaming baths, relaxing lounges, cures, foot care, and in- and outpools. If you are looking for a spa adventure in our couple suite with adjacent couches and a double whirlpool bath, this is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

Rebuild your spirit and your physical condition and unite with the natural world, with biological produce and uniquely seasonally inspired therapies that captures the Vermont essences. Benefit from one of our characteristic spa and spa amenities to compliment Vermont's spectacular seas. The first step is a soft peeling, followed by a moisturizing mask with one of our plant extracts.

While your epidermis absorbs the smooth, abundant blend, you' ll enjoy a luxury head balm with Wildlimon essential oils and a relaxation feet masseur. A moisturizing bath and full bath massages leave the complexion smooth and smooth and your whole organism feels fully refreshed and soothed.

It' s plain, attractive styling reflects basic principles of well-being, which make it the most relaxed holiday or excursion.

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