Best Restaurants in Hudson Ny

The best restaurants in Hudson Ny

Book a table for the best meal in Hudson, New York on TripAdvisor: I ate the best chicken sandwich and the amazing pretzel! This is Hudson Valley's first and only board game café! Would you like directions, our opening hours or a reservation? The Hudson offers a variety of dinner options.


We are a modern US gastro pub in carefully renovated historical premises. Hudson NY is our top of the line in Hudson NY and our second site in Tannersville, high in the Catskill Mountains. The ambience consists of red bricks, red woods, Edison lamps, monochrome photographs of US iconic objects and individual play lists that add to our industry standard steam punk viv.

Simple and welcoming, the delicious flavour of refreshing meals and smoking meat fill the home while staggering through the dining room with loud living sounds and thunderous laughs. So such an ltalian Americans, Estonian Americans, Irish-American, Spanish-American, Polish-American, good oil down home Mediterranean convenience groceries and the schedule goes on.

Joe Fierro's extensive travel has given him the chance to enjoy local US food, artisanal beers, artisanal drink offerings and delicious dark whiskies to learn about their histories, customs, spices, flavours and crafts.

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"Why would 20 guys come here at the same in the same place and think that would be okay?" Said as he took a dash of Tequila with his buddies at the pub while he said 20 guys + maybe another 20 standing and watching as they waited for beverages. "and the crowds."

He waited 10 mins for his duty, complaining to everyone who listened to him frankly and noisily. My mate and I asked if the meal was still being eaten, and he was looking at us as if we'd asked for a round of old-fashioned things and mosjitos.

Yeah, that means there' gonna be a lot of visitors and brides in the city. That was all the folks who' d been waitin' at the governor's tavern for a drink. I' m sorry we spoiled all the customers who tried to have a good one. Nice beers, tasty meals and the most friendly personnel. This dinner is great!

Pretzels, BLT, French fried potatoes, salad and my favorite N achos!!!!! Unfortunately, the meal here, which was better at opening, is no longer good at all. French fry are so salted & overcooked that they are unenjoyable. A great choice of beers, a great mood and the chickensandwich was awesome. There is some material, woman stocked the shavings and shavings... I said oh I get the burgers... waiting for more burgers / stuffing the pit.

Magnificent seafood, French fried potatoes were so goo....d, plus the choice of beers was astonishing and delicious.

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