Best places to Visit in Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley's Best Excursions

Hudson Valley is home to some of the most visited places in America. We' re also proud to be a sponsor of America's Great Loop Cruiser's Association. Further activities are fishing, hiking and camping. Facilities: showers, toilets, lockers and paddling pools. High above the Hudson on the edge of Storm King Mountain, it is a great motorcycle experience.

The best places to be in Hudson Valley

Cities in Ulster County NY have recently attracted both domestic and international interest by appearing on a number of high-profile listings and "best of" feature in a wide range of major titles. Recently the Hudson Valley was added to the Hudson Valley Top 20 Places (on Earth!) to be visited in 2013.

Special mention was made in the report of the "wonderfully crazy" and Ulster County's own Woodstock NY! Every city has its own taste, its own cultural and atmosphere. Indeed, we believe Ulster County NY has some of the best places to be in the Hudson Valley! In addition to Kyoto, Japan and the Crimean peninsula in Russia, National Geographic mentions the Hudson Valley as a must for a trip in 2013.

Culturally, artistically and naturally, the breathtaking scenery that inspires the Hudson River School of Painter is explicitly mentioned in the paper as a centre for creative coolness. Woodsstock NY's Overlook Mountain has some of the best vistas of the Hudson Valley. Woodstock NY properties are perhaps the most sought after in Ulster County NY due to their wonderful scenery, scenic location, traditional festivals such as the Woodstock Film Festival and astonishing restaurants and malls.

Go on a tour of the city and see for yourself why National Geographic has called it one of the best places..... on Earth! Woodsstock NY is not the only city that has been in the news lately - far from it! Hudson Valley Magazine last springed on Saugerties NY as one of the best cities in Hudson Valley.

New York Times also likes Ulster County, calls Rosendale NY, "the new Brooklyn" and reports on Historic Kingston NY's enigmatic Red Goat phenomena (to name just a few recent NYTimes articles). It' also not the first National Geographic has profiled a city in Ulster County. NatGeo named New Paltz NY, one of the "best adventure cities in America" in the summers.

Thus if any of these items encourage you to visite (or perhaps even live) in Ulster County NY, get to know the area with a true Ulster County specialist property consultant who can help you find out which city is just right for you!

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